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by Nikki
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Please understand a persons feelings while grieving
I know my story is sad, trust me I lived that shit! I wake up every morning living it, I can't forget it and I don't want to! I love to talk about my parents and memories but the pity I can no longer take! I see people and they get tears in their eyes, I get it, it is sad, I am sad but I don't want to talk about it when you see me out and about trying to live life cause the burden of grief is heavy and sometimes I just moved that Boulder enough to go to a store! I know I am not the only that is sad, and my life was not the only one changed but hold the tears and the questions if you really cared you would of asked then, I don't want to know the reasons you couldn't b there or how much you cared or how strong I am for going through what I had to! There was no choice! I was not strong I was a daughter! God threw this shit at me I couldn't make an excuse on why I couldn't be there, I did what God made me do!!! So please don't praise my strength because that strength is no longer there! I know you all care but quit looking at me with tears in your eyes the tears are more of your regret than my respect!
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