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Rated: E · Review · Sci-fi · #2082257
Some in-depth commentary on modern day's best sci-fi/action flick
On the Matrix...

He takes the red pill

We talk about simulations all the time but what's on the other side when

your unplugged is terrifying. Within seconds of waking up from the Matrix

the main character finds himself in a vat of pink goo, gets choked by a

menacing looking flying robot and has these tubes that are connected to

him violently burst out of him.

The film makes you afraid A.I.'s potential.

He (Neo) Totally freaks out when he finds out what the Matrix is.

Names it's remainder city of human survivors after what's used in Reggae

slang "Zion", translated to a holy place, haven.

One beneficial thing about being a hacker outside the Matrix is using the

"load program". In which, Morpheus say you can load "Weapons, clothing,

training simulations. Anything [you] need". (You later find out it can be used

for erotic purposes.)

The character who sells everyone unplugged from the Matrix out's name is

Reagan. His real world name is Cypher and his Matrix name is Reagan.

(I know that sounds like that may be backwards but it's not)

The oracle doesn't tell him the truth about his destiny, leaving him to

believe he is not "The One". He, the main character Neo, states earlier in

the movie he does not believe in fate. Consequently he's not going to

let someone tell him what his future is going to be.

She gives him a cookie...

That's foam they're using in the lobby scene. That among other stunts

forced the filmmakers to shoot the movie in Australia.

The number 3 is used alot (The movie opens in room 303, Neo always

picks up the phone after 3 rings, Trinity...) and there are a good number of

of palindromes (The opening in room 303, Neo's room is 101, one of the

movie's last scenes goes back to room 303, making a palindrome of


The song at the end of the movie is "Wake Up" by "Rage Against the

Machine". This is interesting on a couple levels. Rage Against the Machine

is an intelligent informed political band, fitting in with many of the film's

themes, whose high values leads them not to use there catalog in TV

shows, Movies or advertisements. Also it's a great pun using the song

at the end of the movie, given the band's and song title. The movie being

about getting woken up to wage war on machines.

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