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A red-neck love poem ... (Adult Humor)
A red-neck love poem.

I first saw her in a Walmart line,
her tramp stamp sliding down to hide
behind her neon lime-green thong.
I knew she’d be my double-wide.

Her bright orange tank top called to me.
This was a gal with unique style.
Her cross-my-heart peeked out coyly.
All I could do was stand and smile.

Breathlessly I watched her move,
her leopard leggings stretched so tight
that spots looked more like tiger stripes -
a red-neck angel filled my sight.

Abandoning my cart of beer,
I trailed her ‘til we were outside
and professed to her my heart-felt love:
“In life’s trailer park, you’re a double-wide.”

The years have passed. Our love has grown;
our passion has not been abated
by time or the discovery
that we are closely blood-related.

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Just for the fun of it ... Inspired by a recent visit to Walmart *Laugh*

"tramp stamp" ~ a tattoo on a woman's lower back.

"double-wide" ~ a semipermanent mobile home consisting of two separate units connected on site.
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