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Rated: GC · Fiction · Drama · #2082397
Reaching the top comes with a price when scandals intervene
“Well you were a charmer Dennis. I am pretty sure we have this one in the bag. I say we can feel easy and spend the night celebrating.”

Dennis was peering outside of the hotel room in deep thought. He couldn't help but wonder why his brother insisted on being with him on every campaign venture.

“Dennis, hey you in there? Come on and relax; you tend to let these campaigns eat you up. What you need is a stiff drink and a cigar.” Robert put his arm around his brothers shoulders and pulled him closer to him whispering in his ear, “You're a winner.”

Feeling a little bemused Dennis decided not to stir anything up just yet. “Right! You are right, lets drink to another accomplished day.”

Twirling the ice around the bottom of the tumbler Dennis still felt apprehensive towards his brother's motives. He really didn't think his career would go this far and frankly he was becoming nervous about it. This is huge, bigger than he ever imagined. Promises are being made and he had to be that guy to keep true to his word. Pulling out was still an option but knowing who was running against him made him realize he had to keep going. Besides the fact that his father in law put out a lot of money for this campaign. He would be letting down his family as well as himself.

Jolted from his thoughts from the voice of his wife, Dennis spun his head around as Myra walked into the room strutting as though she were on the red carpet. She still turned him on with just a glance. This woman was stunning but that was it. Myra had poise but when it came to intelligence, well she just didn't need it. Daddy's pocket book kept her so busy she had no time for books or intellect. She sure knew how to shop though. Her perfect chestnut hair cut just below her jaw line, with flawless makeup and golden skin from tanning beds. Yup this woman could turn the heads of a hundred men at once.

“Myra, what in the hell are you doing here?” Dennis held a firm stare letting her know he wasn't pleased.

“Why Dennis, I am your wife! Why wouldn't I be here to support you through your endevours? Besides they have the best stores and you know I can't pass up a new pair of shoes.” Her hand glided down her leg as she twisted to show off her new Stuart Weitzman heels. “So what do you think?”

“Their shoes Myra. Just shoes.” Dennis rolled his eyes and tried not to be too annoyed. Another stiff drink and hopefully sleep like a baby.

“Maybe just shoes to you but if I stand beside you tomorrow in front of cameras, I will be noticed for fashion sense and that my handsome husband could help you rank.” After saying something that left just about everyone is the room in a blank stare Myra just turned around and left. Nothing seems to faze her.

“Robert! You make sure Myra stays away from the podium tomorrow. I mean it! This isn't a fashion show! Do what you have to do but keep her busy.”

Pacing the floor and wiping the glistened sweat from his brow, Dennis decided to end the day.
“I'm turning in. Make sure my suit is ready for 6 a.m and don't forget my provision.”
His head was pounding and that last drink didn't help him.

“Okay brother. You know I have your back. Tomorrow will be just as good as today.”

Dennis flicked a quick hand up in the air, just enough to say he acknowledged what Robert had just said.

In the middle of the night Myra quietly made her way out to the patio of the hotel. A cocktail in in one hand her phone in the other.

“I know baby. Well you have to have patience. Daddy has put a lot on the line where Dennis is concerned and really wouldn't you want the whole package and not just a piece of the pie?”
Her cheeks flushed from what was a devious conversation now turning into a phone sex chat.
“Stop it! I can't even relieve myself. Dennis is passed out and it's two o'clock in the morning. Yes, yes I will see you tomorrow at the campaign, but listen lay low. I can't afford to have this blow up in my face.”

She hung up the phone and sighed contemplating what she was about to do. If her father found out she would be disowned, hands down. The scandal would send him into cardiac arrest. Besides it wasn't her father she was trying to burn. Dennis was her concern. He should have paid more attention; as she saw it he became too caught up in his work and left her out to dry.

“Myra? Is that you?”

“Sorry darling. Did I wake you up?”

Dennis leaned on one arm supporting his head taking in the beauty of his wife in front of the window.

“It's okay, my head is in a million places. Come to bed, maybe you can relax me a bit.”

Without another word Myra let her night gown slip to the floor leaving nothing to the imagination. She cradled herself on top of Dennis feeling him aroused under her already.
Dennis couldn't believe how wet she was. She was never this compliant in the bedroom. He took advantage of it and gave her undoubtedly the best sex he could offer.

In the morning, Dennis turned to feel his wife beside him, but the bed was empty. He should have known. Breakfast was in the dining room with everyone in their seats when he walked in. He sat down and looked at Myra giving her a wink. A little reminder of what they shared the night before.

Myra sipped her coffee without acknowledging her husband's flirtation. Her eyes glaring at Robert. There was tension in the room, but nobody said a word.

“Okay so we need to be at the stadium in only four short hours. Dennis, I have your speech ready if you want to go over that I would glad to assist you.”

“Yes, that would be great. I hope I don't trip up on anything. This place is going to be filled with potential voters. Lets be sure we cover everything we spoke about.”

Dennis picked up his coffee and brushed up against his wife giving her no room to ignore him.
She grazed her arm on his glancing up and giving a quaint little smile. “Oh honey you will do great today. I picked out a great outfit for pictures. I plan on being up on that podium with you and I will be as supportive as I can.”

Dennis was taken off guard and looked at his brother, “Myra, you can't be up there with me. Not today. It's imperative that I gain the attention of the voters. I don't need them being pulled away from my speech while gawking at my wife. I am sure there are other things you could be doing.” He kissed her cheek and turned his back. Myra grit her teeth like a spoiled teenager.
“Robert, maybe you can give something for Myra to do. Seeing as she wants to support me in this I am sure she is willing to do anything at all to help the cause.”

“Myra, maybe you can help me set up the ballot boxes. Oh and we will also be needing someone to help with refreshments.”

“Really? Refreshments!” Myra walked over to Robert and poured her orange juice over his lap.
“Myra! I think you and I need to talk, don't you?” Myra already having her back turned to him was walking away, but turned on her heels facing Robert with a look of stone.

“We do? No I don't thing we have anything to talk about. You can't stand the fact that I am here. You want Dennis all to yourself. Why is that Robert?”

Dennis only held a coy smirk on his face as he dabbed the juice on his pants without looking up. “Well Myra, I am here to help my brother and to keep an eye on you. I heard you last night on the phone in the wee hours of the morning. Not sure who you were talking to, but I know it wasn't my brother. Since we are on that topic, tell me something else. Back at home I saw your car parked at a coffee shop; I took a peak and saw you talking to a young guy. Now who would that be? You are up to something Miss high and mighty, but be aware that you won't be taking my brother for a ride.”

Robert stood up and looked Myra in the face waiting for her to say something, but all she could do was look down. “I thought as much.”

He walked right by her almost leaving but not without the last say, “Remember that night you wanted to spend the evening with me? The night when Dennis was away for a congress meeting? I haven't forgotten how easy it was for you to turn your attention to someone else. I have to admit you use your mouth well when your not talking.”

The stadium was full with people talking over one another. People from respectable families and some just off the street. They all held their own ideas of who should be in office. It was about to become a time of reckoning for Dennis. This would be his last place before debating with Tom Gains and he had to make this count.

Robert being in charge of security scoped out the crowd looking for anything suspicious. Everything seemed to be in place and it would be minutes before Dennis took the podium. As people scattered around a man brushed up against Robert forcing an envelope in his hand. Taken by surprise he had no time to look up and when he did the stranger was lost in the crowd.

Taking the envelope, Robert went into the private men's room. Eager to open it, he glanced around first and quickly ripped it open at the same time. Black and white photos of Myra with a young guy, the same young guy Robert saw her with in the cafe. Another of the two kissing in the parking lot and another of them making out in his car.

That bitch!

Before he could curse again a note fell out behind the pictures...

You don't know who I am, but be aware that I will use this against Dennis if Myra doesn't come through on her promise. Time is ticking and I can only imagine how this will look to the press.

Oh boy! She did it this time. I have to let Robert know. This person is here and he could ruin everything. No! I have to find Myra and find out what the fuck she is up to.

Robert looked at himself in the mirror, wiped the sweat off of his forehead; tucking the envelope under his arm as he headed for the door. The first thing he had to do was hide this evidence. He couldn't let Dennis or anyone else find out about this, not now anyway.

Once he knew it was safe he went out into the crowd to find Myra. Of course she is never where she should be. There was no time, Dennis was being introduced. Everyone clapping and whispering with screams of welcome.

Robert had to take his place behind the podium and ensure security were in their positions. His face flushed from nerves and the million thoughts running through his head. Dennis was making his speech and Robert couldn't absorb a thing. It felt like hours but had only been sixty minutes before it was over. The crowds were making their way wanting pictures. The media had full force with their cameras and questions ready to debate anything Dennis had to say.
As the flashes of cameras lit up the whole front of the podium, Dennis took questions liberally and not stirred at all by anything thrown his way. He was confident and smiling at the voters, introducing himself on a personal note. Everyone seemed to agree with his disposition.

Myra mixed with the crowd trying to escape Robert's attention. She had to find Chance; the reporter that she has been sleeping with. He was her only connection to the man behind the trigger. Without him, she had no way of knowing what the plan would be; come time for the debate. There couldn't be any screw ups. She was going to make sure that Dennis would not get voted in and Toms Gains would. She loved Tom. If he only knew how much. She was willing to kill for him. There had only been a few times that they spent in the bedroom. He was so loving, giving his devoted attention to her sexual needs.

The way he touched her and stroked her, kissing her neck. Skin on skin during heated moments of desperate love making made her wet just thinking about it. There was nothing Dennis had on Tom. Dennis was so much more cut and dry. She only married him because it made her father happy. Her father knew Dennis through office and found him to be pliable enough to meet his needs. Having him marry his daughter gained his trust. It was money for her dad, a ploy against Tom.

Snapping out of her dazed thoughts, Myra sighted her play boy Chance. She used him to get information about Tom and he also helped her to succeed in hiring a hit man. She only had a week to ensure that everything was in place.

“Oh there you are! Myra your husband is wanting you by his side. The cameras are going off, this is your time to shine!” Robert grabbed her by the arm steering her towards the front of the stadium. Her face was pale with tiny beads of sweat. She glared at Robert with daggers in her eyes.

“Let go of me! You have no right to grab me this way!”

“But I do my love. I am security and it is in your best interest to stay out of the crowd and be with your husband. If you are going to be his first lady you have to be around for the good the bad and the ugly.”

Myra gave up and walked with Robert but her thoughts were on Chance. Now being forced to smile and pretend to be the happy wife while her stomach was ill.

“Here, dab the sweat off your face, put some lip stick on and be careful what you say. The public loves this kind of shit. Remember Myra I am here for my brother and his safety so be careful of any cruel thoughts you have where he is concerned. I am not sure what you are up to but I will find out.”

While Myra was busy with her husband against her will, Robert headed back to where Myra was lurking. He noticed one one particular photographer her seemed to be very focused on the front of the stage. What Robert couldn't understand was that there was nobody on the stage. Why would this guy want pictures of an empty stage? How could this be possibly beneficial to the press? Pushing people aside, Robert found himself headed for the stranger behind the camera. The blonde tall think young man felt the pressure and bolted towards the back of the building. Robert wasn't going to let him go. He caught up to him, pushing him to the ground in one blow.

“What the hell do you think your doing?” The guy was shocked from the blow and more nervous than anything else.

“Why don't you tell me what you were doing in there? I don't think you are apart of the press that has been selected to be here tonight. So why were you here and how did you get in?”

“I have nothing to say to you. You have no authority to say who goes in and out of there. It was an open speech. Now get the fuck off of me!” He pulled his arms away making sure he had his camera, but Robert was one ahead of him and made sure the memory card wasn't in the camera.

“Sure, get the hell outta here and don't let me see you around Dennis or Myra again. Got it?”

That night when things settled down. Robert took the memory card and went through the pictures and he was amazed at what he saw. Pictures of Myra naked with Tom! She was on her knees giving him the best blow job of his life. Her body was like silk and every picture was from a different angle allowing Robert to get a full visual of his sister in law in action.

He wanted to go to his brother but he knew this would throw everything out of the water. Destroy his future of ever becoming governor. There had to be a way he could undo this and Myra would have to help him.

Myra felt rejuvenated with the cameras in her face and her husband proud beside her. She almost felt bad for what she was about to do. However she couldn't let Robert become suspicious so tonight she was going to rock his world. After a bubble bath she quietly slipped into their bed and stroked his back while kissing his neck. She could feel him melt without turning around. She slid her leg over his grinding into his thigh making sure he would know just how much she wanted him.

Dennis gave in. He wanted his wife in a way nobody else could have her. After today he was tense and needed the sexual relief. Making sure he met her every demand but also making it clear she would meet his. She was a bitch and this he knew but he had the best part of her at the end of the day. Her body spoke in ways he could never explain. Her lips so plush, grazing him places that drove him crazy. There was magic when this woman made love; the one thing that kept him faithful. Outside of the fact that her father paid him well Myra kept him satisfied when she wanted to and if she was making up for something the sex was that much better.

After a few days of what felt like the calm before the storm, Robert went to the source of the pictures. The guy he chased away wasn't so clever. He dropped a card when he left in a hurry that day giving his information. A phone number was all Robert needed to get to his address. It wasn't a great neighbourhood and Robert had to wonder why a guy working for the press couldn't afford something a little more livable.

Sneaking around the back of the house he peeked in one of the windows not expecting the surprise of his life. He heard voices and couldn't believe that Tom was in this punk's living room. Funny there was no car in sight that would have given him any clue. Leaning in to the partially open window he strained his hearing carefully.

“I can't fucking believe you would allow yourself to get caught! Chance I paid you enough to keep that bitch off my back. The further away she is from me the better it is. I cannot and won't be tied to what is about to happen. You hear me!” He was pacing and running his fingers through his hair looking desperate. Chance sat there, his hands twisting a piece of paper and his head down. There was a lot of tension between the two.

“Tom, listen...”

“No! You listen. You might be fucking Myra for your own purposes but in the future she will be mine. Once Dennis is dead there will be no choice in giving me what I deserve. I have been beating the polls right up until now. I told Myra to leave things up to me and allow me to do what I had to, but now she has placed me in a bad place. You know- when you are leader you have to make choices that might even make you ill inside, but you do what you have to do. I'm sorry Chance but I am left without a choice here.”


Robert fell to the ground in shock. A single gun shot that left one of them dead and he was pretty sure it wasn't Tom. The back door shut quietly and Robert couldn't tell who left and where he went. Myra was involved in something way more than she could have ever imagined. His brother was in danger leaving Robert no choice but to get to him fast and fill him in. First he had to figure out who was lying on the floor without leaving evidence of himself being any where near the scene.

It was Chance. He was dead alright but what did he have to do with anything. The only answer he had was that Myra was fucking him for some reason but then she was also fucking Tom. That bitch! She is trying to play everyone for a fool!

Tom wants Dennis dead to take the lead, but Robert would be the one to stop it. He wouldn't let his brother down, not this time. Robert lost faith in him a long time ago and now was his time to regain his trust.

Pulling himself together he walked into the house and found Myra's father, Tom, and other members of office. Myra sitting at the table sipping on a martini. He sat down beside her after making a stiff drink for his own nerves. He sensed that Myra knew something, she was too quiet. Yet under the table she was running her foot up his leg making sexual gestures.
Oh no! Not this again! You are not going to play me for a fool.

“Stop it Myra! Right now..I mean it. You really don't want me to make a fool of you right here, right now.”

She pulled away quickly knowing that Robert had no patience for games. Not his usual self. Feeling nervous she left the table and sat with her father. The one person that made her life hell was the only person that made her feel safe right now.

“Okay everyone. We are ready for tomorrow. The debate will be easy enough and our points are clear. Be confident and don't allow Tom steer in another direction. This is our last debate, it's now or never.”

Dennis went to shake his hand but looked at Myra differently. He wasn't sure what it was but she looked perturbed.

“If it wasn't for you sir and your faith in what I had to offer I wouldn't be here. You have given me the chance to make a difference in a political era, not to mention your beautiful daughter as my wife.”

Dennis took Myra's hand and kissed it meaning every minute. He looked into her eyes and saw sadness. Something he hadn't seen before. It made him want to hold her and let her know that everything would be okay. He was ready to put her past affairs away for good and start over.
The night before the debate, everyone seemed to be antsy especially Myra. With the watchful eye of Robert she had no time to call everything off. She had to go through with her plans, otherwise Tom had so much against her that could ruin her family name and her father's career. If anything happened to Dennis she would have to make peace with herself if she wanted to move forward with Tom. Some how though something didn't feel right. Chance hadn't reached her in a couple of days and now she has no idea who would be carrying that gun. Pacing was an understatement and avoiding questions was even harder.

“Myra, darling. What is wrong with you tonight? You haven't been yourself in days?” Dennis grazed his fingers up her forearm leading to her neck. He lightly moved her hair aside and kissed her gently. He couldn't help but think that she wanted him just as badly.

“Dennis, please don't. Just stay away from me right now. I am so nervous about tomorrow and daddy isn't resting well. So much lies on tomorrow. What if it doesn't happen? What if you fail and we are left with what we had. There is no way you could ever repay daddy and I don't think I could look at him in the eye.”

“Myra, you haven't had these concerns before or if you did you haven't mentioned them. Why now? Why do you think I will fail? I am right up there on the votes. There is no way that Tom could ever out run me tomorrow. We called his bluff and the voters have the choice. They know he is crooked. Hell he hasn't promised one dam thing that would in the good of the country. I'm not worried and nor should you be. Listen-if I lose then I am prepared to run again when the time comes, but let's not worry about something that is out of our hands at this point.”
Myra sighed and thought, If you only knew what I have done.

After a sleepless night everyone was preparing for the debate. Myra was downstairs already drinking coffee, staring out the window as if there would be an answer.

Robert stood behind her and quietly said his piece. “Listen, I know about you and Tom. I know that Tom killed Chance. If you think for one minute that he won't do the same to you you are crazy. Well you are crazy anyway but the point is, you have to get Dennis out of this mess. If you don't go to him before the debate, I will make sure he isn't on that podium to take a bullet. This is your only chance Myra to be decent. Just know that if my brother dies because of your scandal, you will pay dearly for it.”

Myra had shivers up her back. She had no idea about Chance and now knowing that Tom was a killer had her wondering about her own fate.

Every time she wanted to have Dennis alone there was someone always intruding. Fixing his suit, yacking about agendas, asking him a thousand questions. She was panicking to the point of having chest pains.

Robert was ready to go to Dennis, he figured Myra had enough time to fix this. He walked out around the garden, where he could get to Dennis alone. He didn't see it coming. The gun shot was silenced, he only felt the burn and the warmth of trickling blood through his shirt.

Nobody witnessed it and nobody looked for him. They were already on their way to the debate. Myra thinking she was in the clear but was hopeful at the same time that Dennis would somehow find out. She didn't want to be the one to face him, so she let it be.

Once everyone was in place with Dennis in front of his podium and Tom in front of his, the lights started flashing and the race was on. It was only minutes into the debate when gun shots went off causing everyone to scatter. Dennis went to the floor as did Tom. They were both shocked or so it seemed.

With people screaming and cameras going off there was no sense made of what was happening. It was when Robert appeared in front of the two opponents with a gun in his hand pointing it at Tom; leaving Dennis speechless.

“Well Dennis I told you I had your back. Your wife has been fucking everyone from the paparazzi to this ass hole himself. She had a plan to kill you so she could be with the winner here. Yet you had no faith in me Dennis. Always doubting my motive as to why I wanted to be with you on this journey. Now I know you have your reasons to doubt me but now I am proving my dedication. I did kill Myra because of what she wanted to do to you and Tom here well I have no issues with killing you right here and now.”

“Robert, stop! You can't do this. I never doubted you and if I ever made you feel as though I did I am sorry, but why kill Myra. She didn't have to die for this. Leave Tom be and let's get you some help.”

“Sorry brother but if I don't do it someone else will.” Robert pointed the gun at Tom but before he could shoot there was a bullet in his own back. Police everywhere and the chaos seemed endless. Tom was arrested for murder and deception. Dennis sat in shock knowing his wife was dead, his brother and his career.

He was defeated by a dream of becoming a leader and someone to be proud of, but at what price? One he didn't see coming. Time couldn't heal this one.

4923 word count

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