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you don't know my everything..


> (the music playing is creed's 'higher' and the people are either dancing or just hanging out, drinking and eating)

> (stella and jack are standing near the food table talking)

> (chelsea is laughing with a girl)

> chelsea: wait till my mom sees me.(laughs)

> girl#5: what time are you going home?

> chelsea: i don't know. who cares.

> girl#5: i heard some people are staying over-night. (smiles mischeviously)

> chelsea: oh, yeah?

> girl#5: you know..

> chelsea: oh, yeah, i know more than that.

> girl#5: are you gonna sleep over?

> chelsea: you asked the wrong question, girl.
i'm outta here.

> girl#5: you're going, now?

> chelsea: no, silly. after i have fun. i'm going to have fun.

> (chelsea walks to where jack and stella are standing)

> chelsea: nice party you've got, jack.

> jack: thanks. are you enjoying yourself?

> chelsea: you know me. i'm an original party animal.(laughs) oh, god. i'm feeling pretty chippy, right now..it's the alcohol. don't worry about me.(waves her hands) i'm perfectly fine. i'm just a little bit loaded, but look at everyone else..

> (a guy bumps into her and stumbles to the floor)

> chelsea:(laughs) see what i mean?(laughs)
(to the guy) hey, watch where you're going, man!
(to jack) this party is so crazy.

> stella: you ok, chelsea?

> chelsea: me? i thought i said i was fine. hey,(points at stella), nice dress, by the way.

> stella: well-

> chelsea: i said i'm fine.(walks away)

> (stella and jack laugh nervously)

> stella: you think she'll be ok?

> jack: yeah, yeah. she'll be fine.(looks around) it looks like we're the only ones sober, here.

> (christina aguilera's 'genie in a bottle' remix version, is playing on the stereo)

> stella: yeah..how come you're not drinking anything?

> jack: because i'm not supposed to.(looks around again and eyes the stereo)

> stella: not allowed? is that it?

> jack: no, well, i have a few rules.

> stella: don't be embarrassed about it. hey, what kind of parents allow their kids to drink, especially when they're 16 year-olds? it's just that we don't follow them.

> jack: no, it's not that. it's a rule i made up.."party hosts should not drink". like it?

> stella: (giggles)party hosts? now, i get it.

> (jack tries to get someone's attention by waving)

> (a boy standing by the stereo notices him and nods)

> stella: what were you doing?

> jack: nothing.come here.(takes her hand)

> stella: what are you gonna do?

> jack: would mademoiselle stella care to dance with monsieur jack?(gently kisses her hand)

> stella:(giggles) you are so funny.

> jack: no, stella. i need you to play along. then, it's no fun.

> (the music changes to 'kissing you' from 'romeo and juliet', and the lights dim)

> stella: oh, alright. just this once, monsieur jack.

> (the two dance to the slow song)

> jack: do you know this song?

> stella: if my memory is right, it's from the movie 'romeo and juliet'.

> jack: do you remember the scene?

> stella: um..the scene where leonardo dicaprio and claire danes meet for the first time, and..

> jack: and?

> stella:(smiles) falls in love at first sight.

> jack: you're right..but you forgot something.

> stella: what?

> jack: not only they fall in love, they lock lips for the first time.

> stella: uh, yeah.

> jack: you look like the the girl that plays 'juliet', right now. you know, with the little wings.

> stella: (smiles) don't expect me to say that you look like dicaprio.

> jack: yeah, there's nothing else ladies want, other than being in the arms of the poor guy that sinks underwater along with the titanic.

> stella: nah, i'm not one of them.

> jack: you sure? becuase, i can draw a masterpiece of you wearing nothing but a necklace.

> stella: nope, not one of my fantasies.

> jack: (chuckles) oh, ok.

> stella: what? what's the laugh for?

> jack: nothing.

> stella: are you making fun of me?

> jack: no,no. i just had a silly feeling.

> stella: what feeling?

> jack: if i tell, you'd regret that you asked.

> stella: i won't.

> jack: i just had a crazy feeling that we'd end up ressolving into the french atmosphere.

> stella: meaning?

> jack: french doors, french wine, french vanilla..does that ring a bell?

> stella: french..french kiss..(smiles)

> jack: well, i'm sorry if this too, doesn't fit in your 'fantasy collection'.

> stella: not yet, jack.

> jack: you mean there's a possibility.

> stella: if you put it that way, yes.

> jack: this is getting interesting.

> (the two dance some more)

> (jack keeps on looking into her eyes)

> stella: what?

> jack: what?

> stella: stop staring.

> jack: sorry, i never knew your eyes were so piercing.

> stella: well, i never knew you had those fascinating lips of yours..they're a hundred percent real, right? no lip job or anything?

> jack: (laughs) feel it. it's very real. go ahead.

> stella: (laughing) i don't think so.

> jack: you know what? you're a great girl.

> stella: and you're a great guy..except for your horror stuff.

> jack: yup, i'm a great guy. all things considered, i wish you were my girlfriend.

> stella: jack?

> jack: yes?

> stella: exactly when will you stop joking and find your serious side?

> jack: do i look like i'm joking? god, stella. you've still got a lot to know about me.

> stella: really? what else don't i know?

> jack: well, if you must know..the fact that we'd make a good couple, the fact that my lips aren't the only part of my body that's fascinating, the fact that there's more to me than horror movies and stupid jokes..because i can prove it if you just accept me. i'm making a vow, here.

> stella: jack, wait, you and me?

> jack: what about us?

> stella: no, what i'm trying to say is- i can't concentrate.

> jack: how about i concentrate for the both of us? would that work?

> stella: yeah, i mean, no. the truth is, jack..i just broke up with another guy, it's not like i can pretend it's already old news and hook up with another guy.(let's go of him) i'm sorry, jack. frankly, i'm not ready to enter the second encounter.

> jack: (pulls her closer to him) stella, i'm sure you've heard these words before and i know it's hard for you to trust them again, and i know what you have inside you- a broken heart..i know what it feels like, to have it : it's scared of breaking again. if you're wondering how i know..i'm telling you this, as a guy who's gone through this himself.

> stella: i'm sorry, how long has it been?

> jack: 4 years ago..a long time ago.

> stella: don't take this the wrong way, but can i ask you why?

> jack: actually, there was no reason..she, um, she died.

> stella: oh, that must've been real hard for you.
> jack: (smiles) she looks a lot like you. not that it's why i like you.

> stella: meaning i stirr up memories of her, right?

> jack: honestly, you do, but, i don't live in the past. i seek for the future. that's my style.

> stella: your style?

> jack: yeah, and i think you should consider changing yours.

> stella: like, how?

> jack: you know, like, get a new lover.

> stella: like, who?

> jack: like, the guy that just confessed his heart to you.

> stella: (laughs) the guy that has his hands around my waist?

> jack: you've got yourself your man, baby.

> (stella laughs and turns her head and sees stan from afar)

> (stella and stan's eyes meet for a second, but she turns away to face jack again)

> stella: i'll think about it.

> jack: stella, you know that i can't wait long.
i don't know if i could handle myself..if i can go on, without any disturbing behaviour.

> stella: oh, dear. what will monsieur jack do this time? what if there's a scary phonecall from him? what if he writes me a letter of curse and death?

> jack: i can be far cruel that that. than anyone can imagine. then, what are the next plans for madmoiselle stella?

> stella: oh, i have a counterplan.

> jack: explain counterplan.

> stella: i don't have to, jack myers, when you already know.

> jack: (smiles) you made my day.

> stella: (smiles) i can't believe this.

> jack: what?

> stella: before summer vacation, i was thinking that you were the worst guy on earth..here i am, 3 months later, in his arms, falling for every word.
what's the joke?

> jack: i've got no joke. you've got no choice.

> stella: who would have ever imagined jack and stella walking the halls, holding hands, talking dirty? i mean, it's so, so..

> jack: real.

> stella: well, actually, i was gonna say the opposite.

> jack: oh.

> stella: i'm sorry, jack. there's obviously more to you, than just horror movies and jokes.

> jack: oh, stella. you've seen nothing, yet.
there's more you don't know about me. but, you'll get to know. i'll show you my all. my inner parts. my private parts. everything you need to know.

> stella: you know, it might be better off, not knowing.

> jack: oh, but you'll find yourself knowing, and wanting more.

> stella: it's a mystery, this thing.

> jack: just remember we're in it together. let's start with the most easy, simple and basic thing written in the book.

> (stella looks up at jack's face)

> jack: (holds stella's hand) holding hands.


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