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by fyn
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Sample for Ren's Prompt - 4/27
Prompt for: April 27, 2016 (Ren)
Subject or Theme: Plant a Seed (love, hope, kindness, peace, etc.)
Word(s) to Include: hover, taste (plus whatever type of seed you are planting - see below) (or any derivatives of these words)
Forbidden Word(s): grow, idea, plant, seed (or any derivatives, compound or hyphenations of these words)
Additional Parameters: Use the type of seed you are planting in your poem (if you pick peace, then use the word peace) Minimum of 20 lines.
Remember, do not use forbidden words ANYWHERE, including title or the brief description.

As Ye Sow...

Like ivy clinging greenly,
climbing deftly up a wall,
tendrils curling, twirling looking for a place to grasp--
another day, another inch...

Like mint, with taproot running,
shooting off to spread, further, ever further,
a taste of peppermint airborne--
another week, another garden...

Like daffodils left to redouble
their redoubling until a field of gold
is sightly treasure--
another month, another dancing field...

Or even, like dandelions, when yellow ages to puffs
of feathered down;
wind hovered to all compass points--
another season, another neighborhood...

so too, even a pip of philanthropy
or a kernel of kindness
sown in random manner
will spread like dandelions--
flowering in the most unexpected places.

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