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written for Lexi's Poetry contest. an angel comes in answer to a prayer.
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Angels in the Airwaves
By Lisa Noe*Cat*

It was dark and late at night,
I’d said my prayers without sight.
I couldn’t see but I could hear
A fluttering sound was oh so near.

I was afraid and all alone,
Kept hearing something outside my home.
It came closer and I feared
Then a light appeared

From under my door a glowing light
Soft and calming, a pure delight.
The humming noise became more clear
There was something coming near.

Through the door she appeared,
A woman drenched in light, I leered.
She was haunting with her beauty,
She was there to form her duty.

She was an angel in the airwaves,
Floating gracefully as she arrives.
An answer to prayers I have made
From on my bed where I laid.

She speaks not to me
She communicates telepathically,
But I understand her thoughts,
And all the love she’s brought.
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