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Rated: E · Prose · Nature · #2082910
A day in the life of a mushroom living in the rain forest
Purple Umbrella

Sitting on a dead piece of wood, life continues on with the minute size of the purple living organism flounders where once life thrived; the perfect perch to see many things happening. The flourish of greenery is seen and felt everywhere, bringing smells rich earthy.

Every morning the liquid comes slowly at first dripping through the leaves off of the trees and bushes growing in only the way nature knows how. The lonely purple umbrella loves this refreshing liquid water running down the entire length of itself; without any warning just with anticipation in knowing, the dousing of earth’s most valuable resource in the form of rain. Buckets of liquid pours over everything drowning in the goodness of renewal of life in what is called, rain. As quickly as it starts, it is over with rays on sunlight coming through the cracks pouring over everything, hurry soak in the moisture before this light steals it. The purple umbrella does not need to worry about this so much being down on the ground these rays of light are barely seen there.

A little black critter, scampers by then retreats back admiring the beauty of the vibrant color. Curious as to what sort of specimen the critter has discovered, he walks up to it, sniffs it, and takes a bite chews quickly, scampering away. This is the third time today this has happened. Trapped in place with no where to go or defend itself the purple umbrella is fated with this unfortunate turn of events.

The big black beast has come back and this time he has brought a friend to play with, running and throwing each other on the moss covered forest floor. They call to each other in high pitch ooohhhs and swing from branch to branch dancing with the trees with their reach. This show goes on for hours and never gets boring to watch.

As night time approaches the sounds start up humming, pinging, for a time then everything is silent in the slumber of sleep until the next morning. This is a typical day for the purple umbrella who lives a lonely existence in a flourishing world of wonder.

Note: This is a description from the point of view from Lentinus Strigosus, the Bristled Sawgill which is a purple mushroom that grows in the rain forest. It grows on dead hardwood and has a purple color which fades as it grows older.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2082910-Purple-Umbrella