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A children's poem about what human and animal mothers instinctually know

What All Mamas Know

Mama contentedly moos
as she knits two identical sweaters,
her needles go click, clack click,
as she knits them from fine heather.

Twin baby calves watch their mama,
when she’s not watching they run away.
Within seconds she has them by their tails,
mooing she says,“Your mama, you must obey!”

Papa Bull is not at all happy, running
like lightning despite his enormous size,
pawing furiously at the ground he says,
“If you stray again, I will do more than chastise”.

Tears fill the twins eye as they promise to obey,
beneath the tears, however, is a mischievous look.
They are already plotting, calculating, and scheming
a way to get, unnoticed, down to the sparkling brook.

Mama moos a sigh to her best friend, Mrs. Pig,
who understands and gives an encouraging squeal.
Looking fondly at her piglets wallowing in mud, she says,
“Calves will be calves, so make your nerves be of steel!”

“Cock-a-doodle-doo” screams the king of the hens,
Mama and Mrs. Pig wait for his loquacious words,
“Ladies,” he says, with a bow, as he scratches the ground,
“Allow them to play, for soon enough they will belong to the herd”.

Immediately, Mama drops her needles and Mrs. Pig stifles a squeal
at Rooster’s sound advice about responsibilities of being full grown.
Mama tells the twin calves to go run and play in the bubbling brook,
because she realizes and cries, soon their time together will have flown.

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