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News article on zombies

The risk of the Zombie virus spreading since the distribution of the Zvaccine has been eliminated. However, a large Zombie population still exists throughout North and South America which poses the question: what should be done with them?

Canada decided to leave it to the local residents on how to deal with the Zombies who mostly decapitated and burned the remains. Whereas, in the United States, they have been gathered up and stuffed into container bins until the Supreme Courts hand down their ruling on who (its family or government) has the right to decide a Zombie's fate. Throughout South America, a vastly different approach has been taken, causing as much praise as criticism from the rest of the world.

The countries of Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Columbia are using their Zombie populations innate behavior of constant movement as a way to generate energy. They developed mechanisms much like wind turbine to convert the kinetic energy of a Zombie into cheap, efficient electrical power. The Chilean President was quoted as saying, "We felt it wrong to simply wipe out the Zombies. They were once essential members of our communities, our families, and our lives. Now they can once again play an essential part in the provision of energy for all." The rest of the countries in South America have begun construction of their own energy farms using Zombies, or as they now call them, a "natural resource" which will be operational by year's end.

The outrage amongst many national leaders which had been growing, though not publicly proclaimed, would be addressed during the last UN summit. The following is the statement by the Peruvian UN representative that left everyone in silence: "Once the Zombie was thought to be harmful to us by their nature, and each nation choose to destroy, forcefully contain, or even torture them. Now that the Zombie poses no threat, those that choose to use their nature as a resource are causing no harm to any other nation which chooses to use or misuse their own natural resources. Let any nation that does not beat swords, or what is dangerous, into plow shears, or what is beneficial for life, be called into question."

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