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by Jacky
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Usually dog could find enough to eat around here. His stomach grumbled, normal for a stray. He was young, but knew the ways of the world. Don’t trust other dogs, everyone’s trying to survive. Don’t trust humans. Eat whenever you can. Find shelter in a hidden place.

There were good things too. He loved mornings. He loved the sun, so warm, but he loved the rain too, it felt cool as it cleansed his fur. Birds were fun. Squirrels were the best, exciting to chase, and he loved to hear them scold him, talking to him, just him, as if he mattered.

Getting thirsty now he looked for water, He saw a puddle by a gate. There was a human near, he’d wait. The human was young, he would leave soon, the young were always in a hurry.

“Hey Bones!” the human yelled to him! He got nervous, but the human’s voice was soft. It could be a trick… “You want a drink?” and he poured new water into a dish, setting it down then backing away.

Dog was so thirsty now, he slowly approached the bowl. The human slowly approached him, but he knew he could bolt after his drink. As he began to drink, the human reached out a hand softly stroking his bony body. His first human touch. He froze.

“I won’t hurt you,” the human said softly, “Do you need a friend? I have been looking for a good dog.” He stroked the dog softly. “I live here; you could live with me.” The human opened the gate.

The dog had no idea what the human was saying, but he craved that touch again. Throwing caution to the wind, he followed the boy through the gate and began his new life, full of love.
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