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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Family · #2083098
Story of a girl who fight for the love of her child father for the sake of her & her child
Twilight was happy for herself but was worried about how her family and boyfriend was going to take it.

Twilight was really scared of what people would think of her, hide her pregnancy for three months. Her mother wondered why she was refusing the things she loved to eat and her boyfriend wondered why when ever they when out she would order healthy food and not have alcohol but nobody asked. After she noticed that her belly was getting bigger and she could hide it, she took her mommy and the rest of the family first, then her friends, then her boyfriend last. Twilight's mom was not happy but she thanked God that Twilight got her full education and was working, the rest of the family was really excited, as well as her friends. Her mom believed that she should of waited until she go away and come back from University and get married. When Twilight told her boyfriend over the phone, he hung up on her and it hurt her and made her cry for days.

Many day she thought of throwing the child away or giving it away but she remembered that before she was born her mother had a child that she could not have. Twilight decided to keep her child even if she had to support it herself. Because her mother felt for her, she decided to help support her daughter's first child if the father does not come through for them. Twilight continue to work hard so that she could be able to support her child when it is born.

Mother's Day came around and to Twilight's surprise her boyfriend Troy came to her office. Because she was so upset with him, she continue doing the work her boss assigned to her and didn't listen to anything he was saying to her . She was hearing but she was not listening, until he started to sing to her. She was so touched that he had no choice but to listen to him. Troy told Twilight, he was scared when she told him about having a baby but then he sat down and noticed that he is going to be a father and he wants to be the best father in earth. Twilight gladly accepted his long speech and went back to being the way they use to be. They went out for dinner on Mother's Day.

Weeks and months went by and it was almost time to bring the swing baby out to the real world. Twilight never knew that becoming a mother would be so exciting and filled with surprises. She was expecting a baby shower but to her it didn't look like she was having any so she didn't ask about it. That day she spent the day laying down and watching tv and Troy called her and told her to put on the outfit that was in the box; and Twilight asked what box? He told her to go upstairs and look in the baby room and she would she a pink box in the middle of the room. She said okay and did what he said. When she opened the box she saw a lovely outfit and it was something that she liked along with jewelry and shoes. So she went and had a shower and did her make up and was ready to go when Troy arrived to pick her up but still she didn't know where she was going.

They arrived at a restaurant named Maria's By the Sea. When they got there she thought they was going for earlier dinner. When she got in the room everyone shouted SURPRISE!!!! and Twilight started to cry. They all had a good afternoon playing games, eating food, and opening gift. After the baby shower and the big clean up, Troy took Twilight to her favorite beach and she thought that it was too late to take a swim but she went with the flow. To her surprise again, it was a late night photo shoot and the best thing about it was it was sunset. The photos came out beautifully.

On December 20th, Twilight went into labour and had a beautiful baby girl.
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