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by Intuey
Rated: E · Poetry · Action/Adventure · #2083165
Camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains always refreshes my spirit
Prompt for: May 1, 2016 (Ren)
Subject or Theme: Describe a day or night at home or away at your favorite place.
Word(s) to Include: expression, ripple (or any derivatives of these words)
Forbidden Word(s): favorite, home, house, island, vacation (or any derivatives, compound or hyphenations of these words)
Additional Parameters: Minimum 24 lines, non-rhyming, descriptive poetry (use all of your senses)
Remember, do not use forbidden words ANYWHERE, including title or the brief description.

My spirits lift as we head to the
mighty, Blue Ridge Mountains.
Where grayish-blue, rugged cliffs
climb high and you can peer upon
the tops of trees of old.

Traveling to our special place,
around and 'round we go.
Daring to glance out the
car window, but knowing
the fear it brings.

Adrenaline high, I peek out
I always do
My stomach drops to my feet,
expression quickly changes.
Eyes grow wide as the full moon.
There's no dirt road to be seen --
only a sheer drop-off, down the
steep mountain's backside.
Perhaps one of the trees will catch us
Still, it adds a wave of thrill-seeking excitement.

Arriving at our camp site,
the wonderful coolness of fresh air
fills my lungs, elevating my mood.
Thunderous roar of waterfalls
quiets and soothes my inner-turmoil.
Its' spray cooling my sun-heated body.

Sun sinks low, highlighting patches of trees,
Wisps of breeze bring with it a merriment
of smells: lavender, dogwood and sage.
The moon shine's golden glow sends me
into a quiet reflection.

As we gather 'round the fires glow, we
laugh and talk about the times we've shared.
Our hearts grow with love and affection,
my spirit evolves with deep appreciation.

Hugs and kisses goodnight, we crawl
into bed, my body finds its' groove,
as it sinks down into the air mattress.
Snuggling, beneath the soft covers,
I close my eyes and smile, listening to
the crickets lullaby me to sleep.

(41 lines)
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