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by S-J
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A poem based on my thoughts of dragon stories
A creature of fear and wonder,
Which I often dream and ponder.

Some say a being or a beast,
Of a curious mind, or just wanting a feast.

Many a tale is told,
With a hero, so bold.

When they face the danger,
But who will win, I wager?

With many the creature is defeated,
Yet maybe the hero cheated.

It may of been great as fortold,
Or perhaps it was weak and old.

Could of been quite ferocious,
To say it was tiny, would be atrocious.

Stories often get stretched
And often become farfetched.

Yet we enjoy tales of mysteries,
And of the boldest fantasies.

I like to think of them as guardians,
Of being the greatest custodians.

To protect the innocent,
Warding of hunters so persistent.

I enjoy those stories most of all,
Where with their might, evil shall fall.
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