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by Angel
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A Discussion between a person's brain and body

Brain: You have to do the washing up
Body: Leave me alone, I’m trying to write
Brain: Well, you aren’t though are you?
Body: I’m thinking about it
Brain: No, you’re not, I should know, I’m the one who does the thinking you’re watching TV.
Body: I’m going to do it later I’m busy now.
Brain: Technically, I’m busy, you aren’t doing much at all.
Body: Well, I suppose you’re right, but this is tiring
Brain: What is?
Body: Watching TV
Brain: How would you know, I’m the one doing it and keeping you going at the same time.
Body: You should be doing a better job then because I don’t have any energy, and I need some because I have the washing up to do later
Brain: Ha ha! I don’t suppose there’s any chance of lunch then.
Body: I don’t think so, it means moving and I’m not hungry
Brain: Well how do you think you are going to have the energy to do anything if you don’t feed me?
Body: Oh do be quiet; I’m trying to watch TV.
Brain: I’m tired now; I think I need a nap
Body: But I want to watch TV
Brain: Well, you need to feed me, and then we might have the energy at least, to stay awake.
Body: You are always whining do be quiet. Ow! Now you’re beginning to hurt, that’s not fair, oh ok I’ll get something to eat, and to drink, will that make you happy? Brain, are you there? Brain…
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