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A poem that isn't so poetic that is a work in progress that I am going to refine forever
My name is Sprite.
Watch out, I have quite a bite.

If you start to make me mad,
I will make sure you feel very sad.

I can be rather Happy-Go-Lucky,
as long as you do not tell me a bunch of Bull Pucky.

If you see me you will think that I am sweet.
Do not let looks fool you, I will bleed you like a beet.

I can be very nice,
but beware, I am full of spice.

I grow like a wild flower.
Can you feel the glory of my power?

I hide in fields of stinging nettles,
while the bees feed through the peddles.

Can you imagine what wonderful things I can see?
Please, listen to my plea.

I really just want to be your friend.
I will love you everyday until the end.

I am not really crazy,
just a little lazy.

I have a third cousin who has always been very lucky.
I think his name is Chucky.

His grin is the biggest that you have ever seen.
If you have ever laid eyes on him you know what I mean.

I also have two brothers who go by the names Jason and Freddie.
The first one drowned in a lake between two jetties.

The second died in a lake of fire,
because that is what the people desire.

See, Freddie was not a nice guy.
He made many children cry.

My brother Jason was not such a bad fellow.
He just did not know how to swim, even when the water was shallow.

I also have an Uncle which people refer to as "The Sand Man".
Little do people know, he is not actually a bad man.

There are many stories and tales,
of my Uncle torturing males.

But he is actually very gentle,
when you are not overtly mental.

He only wishes to help people sleep.
With him you do not have to pray to a god for your souls to keep.

My other Uncle Morpheus you have to watch out for.
He is anything but a bore.

He will intrude on your dreams.
Make you think you are swimming in golden streams.

No matter what form he takes,
just remember everything he says and does is fake.

This is my family in a nutshell.
Let us go and ring the church bell.

We need to tell everyone of this family tree.
Many will cower in fear, while others rejoice in glee.
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