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It can have dire consquences
It started a few weeks ago, Gary Stu, a 10 Year Old Kid living in Tokyo Japan was trying his hardest to stay at the Library as long as possible, his Ma and Pa had been fighting a whole, whole lot lately, and he didn't want to be there for the Spats.

Gary Stu's Ma was Japanese and his Dad was American, Gary Stu has Blue-Green hair and freckles.

So he spoke both Fluent Japanese and English and tried his hardest to fit in with all the Japanese Kids.

Gary Stu was spending his time in the Kids' Section looking at the Picture Books about Animals...Animals his Pa loved them, his Ma hated them...Gary Stu seemed to inherent his love of Animals from his Pa's side but his Mom never let Gary Stu have a pet or even take him to any Zoo or Aquarium.

Just then, Gary Stu felt something rubbing against his leg, it was the Library Cat, a White Persian known simply as Neko, Gary Stu smiled and stroked the Cat's fur.

Then Gary Stu looked out the Window and saw it was getting super late, the sun had already set. Gary Stu had to leave.

The Librarian said good bye to him and Gary Stu trudged along that's when it happened, he felt the tremors, he thought this was an Earthquake! Gary Stu panicked, not knowing what to do...

Then something burst from the ground! Gary Stu saw before him some pink glowing goo...Some of the goo fell on him, and then he began to change...On his arms he saw long white hair growing, and his nails transformed into claws...His ears moved position on his head and Gary Stu YOWLED in pain as the bones in his legs shifted to become more digitgrade.

Gary Stu saw his reflection in the store window, he let out a yowl of shock!, he had transformed into a Persian Kitten!
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2083302