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Time waits for no man... Don't let it fly away!
PROLOGUE: What's the one precious thing that people value more than money, don't budget wisely (even worse so than money), are incredibly stingy with, and would rather use up other's than their own... The answer is, "Time"!


         Have you ever got the feeling that time is just passing you by? When we're young, we take time for granted more than we realize, thinking that there's always tomorrow as time ticks away. As we live our lives (whether we're busy from day to day, or sitting around doing nothing) , it seems like life just drags along. But hours turn to days, days turn to weeks, weeks to months, and months to years. And before you know it, you'll be 30 something, or 40 years old. And if you haven't gone out into the world to network with the right people and organizations like you should, you won't have much to show for all your years of existence. Sometimes there can be a number of things people want to do, but maybe they have a hard time finding that decent job to carry them through to effectively invest in their career, or for whatever reason lack the proper resources. And as their adulthood wants and needs starts building up, they begin to feel the burden of overwhelmness, which can lead to depression. Especially if you can't break into your desired field as easily. And if no one in your family is in the industry you're trying to go into, support may be minimal because no one in your immediate circle is in your profession, so they may not have the same understanding of it as you do. Then we look around at other people who are our age (maybe even a little younger) that are doing the same thing we want to do and how they're living their dreams and flourishing in it. Then we take a hard, long look at ourselves.

         A lot of times as people go into certain professions, they have family or friends already in the business to guide them through, and at that, their parents probably got them started at childhood so that they're seasoned as adults, because once after you get grown and leave the nest, it's hard to hone lifelong crafts and skills and hold a full-time job at the same time. The one's that didn't start their careers as children have to go at it alone, which can be hard because as children, we don't have the "know how" whether it's life experience, competence, or resources to bring our dreams into reality without our parents, teachers, or support system. Then after we become grown, everything is in competition with our time, which is usually very limited as holding a job and taking care of self comes first. It's called "matter of survival".


         As you get older, friends start breaking off and going in different directions as they frantically devote the majority of their time towards making a name for themselves in their prospective fields, and are barely able to make enough time for all the other things that they need to do. Then whatever left over time goes toward family and long term, established friendships as new relationships seem to come and go, unless it's through business, or someone you see everyday at work. A lot of times people don't know when they'll get a break in their schedule in advance so they say stuff like "I'll call you... etc., etc.". But when they do decide to take a break and have fun for a night, they automatically call the people that they've been knowing for years instead of this new person that they've only been knowing for a few weeks, which is understandable to hang with the friend that you've been knowing for the last ten or fifteen years in lieu to the new person. And it's not always a good idea to bring new first time friends around your regular circle (the new friend may be shy about hanging around all these new people anyway if they're just getting to know you themselves). But people seldom feel sorry for shifting their new friends that they've been promising to hang with completely to the curb... mean.

Some people are very selfish with their precious time. Even to the point where they will schedule things to do with several different people so they can have a variety of activities to choose from. And have you waste your precious time waiting on them to meet you somewhere and never show up, or have you waiting on them to come to your house, all while they ultimately decide to do something else with a more favorable friend when they call them with plans, and never waste another second of their time getting back with you because they know that you'll be angry and they don't wanna hear it. Everyone wants to have plenty of options and have the opportunity to get to choose and be selective, and they'll usually accept the invitation to hang with the friend that's most appealing to them, so it's better for them to inconvenience you and have you waste your time, rather than them inconveniencing themselves, especially if they feel like they're a baller, or a so-called business person.


         The older you get, the faster your years go by. The years almost start to feel like months. I've always had an extremely accurate memory (maybe I daydream and dwell on things too much) and at my 39 years, I can think back to thirty years ago (and longer) with ease, which in a way is cool, and a little scary. And I still realize that it's a long time out of someone's life, but can think back to ten years ago as if it just happened yesterday. The older you get, the faster the sand in the hour glass dwindles away. I have no problem with aging, but when we leave this world, we all leave a legacy behind (even if we don't do anything). I, myself, are not afraid of getting older. I just don't want to grow old and unaccomplished. We have to give up certain bad habits that takes up huge portions of our time and are unproductive, and donate practically all of our time toward pursuing our dreams and taking care of all the important stuff. Just remember the later you start, the longer time it'll take to reach your goal. Stop wasting your precious time. Push your intelligence and learning abilities to the limit and get started TODAY! You owe it to yourself to be all that you can be!

                             Til' my next piece...
                                        DAYDREAM, BABY!
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