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by Angel
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Thoughts on the Celebration of Cinco de Mayo
Can you imagine the United States being run by the French? As a UK citizen, we have had our own run-ins with the French in the past and although we now have a tunnel that runs from us to the French coast, this doesn't mean that they are our best friends. We stand by them in times of disaster, as would any country, but that's as far as our hands stretch. I can't imagine the whole continent of the US being run by them. Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against them personally; in fact, I went to Paris with my daughter and we had a fabulous time. The city is beautiful, the things to see, amazing, I've studied some of the French history and it is colourful. I'm just trying to envision the United States of France, mmm!

I'm thinking that I'm really quite pleased that the Mexicans won the Battle at Puebla, the consequences could have been uncertain, to say the least. Would the English have ended up in overall control, or the French, would all Americans now be speaking French rather than English? Would the country have been split between the two, some speaking English, others French, and would they all be eating Frog's leg Burgers with Escargot on the side now in McDonalds?

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy your Celebrations Happy Cinco de Mayo.

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