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this is a look at the new family and what is wrong with the world.
487 Words

By Lisa Noe*Cat*

Family, family is the backbone of the entire world. Lets not crumble to the dust.

The basic family is changing; two moms, or two dads, single parents, It is very seldom you see the so-called “traditional” family anymore.

We used to see a mother and a father and two or three children, as well as a pet or two. Today’s children play not as the children of the

past. Today they have computer gaming, cell phones, and Ipods, that hold their attention and take up their time. In the past, there were

baby dolls and Barbie dolls for girls and toy guns, and toy cars for boys. The children celebrated holidays differently as well. , you only see

the really young children out for Halloween to trick or treat.

It used to be, the kids would get out and stay half the night, going from house to house. Children don't know how to play nowadays. They

are shown images of sexually explicit advertising and are expected to look a certain way. Today they can’t get out and go trick or treat they

have to worry about the crazies out there. The creeps that like to prey on young children. Oh, they’ve always been around, even in the so-

called happier times of the past. But they are more abundant and have easier access to the advent of the computer and the internet.

Family is a special thing that many people have failed to cherish in their lives. Some come from broken families in which they were

mistreated or ignored. I personally came from a traditional family and I felt well-loved. But I look around me at those whose lives have been

wrecked by drugs, alcohol, and sexual abuse. It has come to the time that we must stand up and say, it is we who make the world. When

we destroy the life of someone, as with the before mentioned abuses, then we are responsible for the destruction of our world, the times

are getting worse because we are mistreating one another. If we want our lives to be easier we must start with our family-- treating each

one of them with love and showing affection--also by sharing our lives with our neighbors and becoming friends with them.

When we show love to someone then they, in turn, will show love to someone and on and on. Then we can stamp out the hate from

people, of course, there will always be hate and evil in the world, but we can bring back the Happy Days of people helping their neighbor, or

helping a total stranger. Not having to fear to stop and help someone. But it starts with you, start by smiling at total strangers, and telling

your family how much you love and care about them. Then have your neighbors over for a barbecue or something. Do something kind for

someone at work or school. The family is the backbone of the world and it is also the heart of the world. “Love makes the world go

around,” they say, It starts with you!
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