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Lyrics about the importance of our lifes and how we spend them
I saw a dream where I've been walking
I saw the paths, I had to choose one
I watched a sky and saw a battle
Between the thunder gods

I chose a path and started walking
But soon enough I started running
The thunder gods were chasing me
Throwing bolts of energy

I reached a dead end and stopped my running
There was no way ahead
The thunder gods, they reached me
I started wondering

What was the reason of a deadly race?
Was there a meaning in choice I've made?
I asked the thunder gods about that
They said, "We failed in race you've tried to beat"

Was that a race in first place?
Have I had to run it blindlessly?
A path was meant by gods for walking
I ran through it, wasting given to me life

The thunder gods approached me
I saw a sorrow in their eyes
They raised their hammers towards me
"You have been given second chance", they said.

I saw a dream where I've been lost
I saw the paths, I had to choose one
I chose the one, the most appealing
And started walking from now on.
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