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Just a quick rant about a few problems I have encountered with fetishes. (18+)
Like many people, I have a fetish. Well, many fetishes actually, but that is beside the point. Everyone knows there are millions of fetishes and sub-fetishes out there. Its kind of like music, how you can start off saying "this is rock" and branch off into a large subset like punk, metal or classic rock. People have made film, drawn and written about their fetishes, and some of the lucky ones have lived theirs.

However, just like music, not every fetish appeals to every person. I do enjoy when a writer or an artist tags their work with the content it includes. It makes it easier for those who enjoy the content to find it and share it in their community, and for those that dislike it to put it under an excluded tag so it can be avoided. When users don't tag their content, it can piss off people that do find it and hate it as well as disappoint the fans searching for it and nothing comes up.

There are fetishes out there that people consider realistic, like a foot fetish, femdom or ass worship. Then you have the unrealistic ones like giantess porn, living dolls, or monster girls. There is nothing wrong with liking what gets you going, as long as it is done in a way where people can seek it and avoid it. Being an ass-man myself, I enjoy many things butt related; cheeks, anal, anilingus etc. But there is still the overlap of content I do not like, for example scat. Now, if it was tagged, I can rest easy knowing I won't run into any content involving that. The problem still remains that if it is something specific I do like, say anilingus, I like to see girls getting licked, not men. On many sites, there isn't a distinction, because it is the same action. When there is a differentiation, user error would say, "oh, this is men licking ass, so I tag it as anilingus: male" or some variant, while another would say "this is men getting their ass licked, tagged as anilingus: male". To me, that is one if the biggest pet peeves when it comes to tagging. Tagging in general is a great thing, because it narrows results to get to the good stuff, but it is flawed due to user error in either not tagging or false tagging (accidental or otherwise).

Now, I do not actively go out of my way to find and bash anyone's fetish if I dislike it. There are some fetishes out there I do not understand the appeal of. (This may be my own personal bias, and I am sorry if any of these are your thing, but they aren't mine, and I am going to rant for a second.) Furry content. This one is the largest perpetrator of not tagging their own content. If I had a penny for every image of an anthropomorphic animal I came across because the uploader didn't include "furry" as a tag, I would surpass Bill Gates's wealth. I don't know what the fascination is with animals that walk on two legs, but this is by far the biggest mood killer for me. Snouts, claws and leg haunches... at this point it is practically sex with a normal animal. The same goes for Futanari. I don't care is it has balls or not, a vagina included or not, it is still a woman with a dick, and it should be tagged. Personally, I don't count futanari as "straight" either. Being straight, I am not a fan of penises, and to replace a woman's parts with one (or slapping one over the top of them) is going to turn me away. There are quite a number of others that I don't quite like.. sissyfication, MILFs, etc. but its only my opinion that these aren't what i'd call good.

All that being said my fetishes can be criticized all day too. That my ass-related fetishes are gross because they all realistically have a connection with the ass's biological function; shit. That my foot fetish is bad.. or my giantess fetish sucks. At the end of it all, it is just personal opinion. Don't go out of your way to hate individuals that post content (as long as they properly tag it). You can disagree with their tastes but actively shitposting about how their content is a turn-off to everybody is a no-no. There could very well be people who like furry content, or futa content, and I hope that they know I am only stating my opinion, and in my own separate post. Now I welcome those who disagree to comment or review what I said, but take my preferences and dislikes with a grain of salt. If I see furry content that isn't tagged, I do it myself if I can, or I tell the uploader politely to tag the content so others who don't like it can avoid it.

tldr: Tag your content so people can find/avoid it, don't actively be a dick about fetish content
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