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Rated: E · Fiction · Children's · #2083659
For Addison
Princess Kaci and Princess Rachel loved to play. Kaci usually could find something to do in the big castle where they lived. Though they would get tired of staying inside when the sun was so bright outside. She longed to play in the sunlight, but their castle has something that kept them inside most days. A dragon. She would look outside the upstairs window and point down, telling Rachel that the dragon was waiting for them Sometimes, Rachel would giggle, not wanting to be afraid of the beast and sometimes she would scream because she was afraid.

The most fun days were when Knight Addison would come and play with them. Princess Kaci and Princess Rachel loved it when he would visit. They would race around the room, their laughter and excitement bouncing off the stone walls. Knight Addison always promised to protect them from harm, but the girls still wouldn’t go outside with him. On this day, all of that would change.

“We must cross the river today,” Knight Addison said.

Rachel shook her head and crossed her arms. “No!”

“But the dragon is down there waiting,” Kaci said, her body shivered at the thought.

Knight Addison stepped up to Kaci and smiled. “Do not worry. I will make sure you are safe.” He pushed the dark green cloak aside and patted his sword that hung at his side and halfway down his leg.

Kaci’s eyes grew wide as Rachel stepped closer to see it too. The silver of the sword was shiny and caught the light making it glow white.

Rachel reached out with her finger and touched the metal. “Wow.”

“I know a secret way. Are you ready?” Knight Addison asked them.

Rachel and Kaci both nodded, desperate to go outside, and believing in their friend. Knight Addison led the way out of the big room and down the spiraling staircase. The sun was already going down, and they had to leave now before the darkness came. When they reached the big door, Knight Addison turned to look at the two princess’, smiling at them. He always kept his word, and made them feel safe and protected, driving all their fears away.

He turned back to the door and opened it, spilling sunlight into the entryway of the castle. The girls stayed close behind him as they walked across the thick green grass. Birds chirped nearby, and the sound of the river flowing was the only sound to be heard. Pretty flowers dotted the nearby riverbank.

Together they headed to the wooden bridge that would take them across the river and to the other side where Knight Addison’s horses awaited them. He reached out and took each princess by the hand, and led them carefully over the wooden planks. When they made it halfway across, that’s when they heard the sound. A load roar came from behind them, making them all stop. Knight Addison spun around and reached for his sword, putting himself between the girls and the dragon.

“I knew we should have stayed inside,” Rachel said, reaching for Kaci’s hand.

The dragon moved closer, and blew a big stream of fire at them. The rope of the wooden bridge caught fire and began to sway and burn, catching them off balance.

Knight Addison turned to the girls who were screaming. “Run!” he shouted, but neither of them moved. Again he ordered them to run, and again they remained where they were.

The dragon roared again, breathing another burst of fire at them. The bridge shook, the ropes breaking and falling into the water. Princess Kaci fell onto the wooden planks, with Princess Rachel falling on top of her.

Knight Addison reached down and helped them up. Taking Rachel’s hand, he tugged and pulled until she finally started to follow him across to the other side. Kaci stayed where she was, fear keeping her from following them, her hands gripping the wood tight. Once he had Rachel safely across, he went back for Kaci. By now the bridge was falling apart, the fire blazing from one wooden plank to the next, moving closer to Princess Kaci. Knight Addison raced toward her.

“Kaci,” he yelled, grabbing her attention.

Kaci turned to him, tears running down her face. Addison reached her, took her hand and together they started running back to Rachel. Just before they reached the other side, the bridge fell into the water. Rachel screamed their names, watching from the riverbank as the two plunged into the water. The dragon roared again and caught Rachel’s attention.

Kaci’s head pierced the water and she coughed, her arms smacking the water as she searched for Princess Rachel. Rachel ran to her and reached out a hand to help her out of the water. When Kaci got out of the water, they looked to see Knight Addison on the opposite riverbank.

“Oh no,” Rachel said.

The two princess’ huddled together and watched as the mean, ugly dragon moved closer to Knight Addison. Not once did their rescuer turn to look at them. Instead, he raised his silver sword toward the dragon. He took small steps backward, as the dragon continued to walk toward him and they moved away from the burning bridge. The girls watched. Waiting. Praying that Knight Addison would be alright.

The dragon growled and opened his mouth, getting ready to shoot fire at the Knight. Knight Addison took two giant steps backward, and jumped into the water just as the dragon breathed fire. His head came to the top of the river. The dragon moved closer again. Each time the dragon breathed fire, Knight Addison would go under the water.

The Knight swam to the shore, ready to face the dragon again. He climbed out of the river and stood tall, his mighty sword ready for battle. The dragon towered over the Knight, like a dinosaur looming over a baby.

“You will not harm us!” Knight Addison shouted, his voice full of power.

The dragon snarled once more, but the Knight refused to back down.

Knight Addison swung his silver sword, hitting the dragon in the stomach. Just once touch of the silver, and the dragon roared before it disappeared into a ball of smoke.

Princess Rachel and Kaci stared at him, searching all around for the dragon.

“How did he do that?” Rachel asked.

Kaci shook her head. She had heard stories of a mighty Knight with a magic sword, but she never believed them. Today, she learned that all the tales were true. There was a mighty Knight with a magic sword that spent his days saving the Kingdom.

The Knight put his sword back into the sheath. He moved to the river and dove into the water. The girls watched as he swam closer to the them and climbed out of the water.

Princess Rachel ran to him and threw her arms around him. “You saved us,” she sang. She hugged him and then stepped back.

Princess Kaci continued to shake her head. It was so hard to believe what she just saw, but there was no denying it. “Knight Addison. You were very brave.”

He smiled. “I have the best sword in all the Kingdom. I promised I would keep you safe, and I did. Now you are free to come out of the castle and play, and go wherever you want again.”

“Thank you, Knight Addison,” Kaci said.

He led them to the horses, and together they rode into town with a story to tell.
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