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by Twiga
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An overly competitive man sends his adopted son over the egde
{Hey everyone, making this story because no one else seems to be able to think of of New Zealand idea, Now this story takes place in New Zealand not necessarily ABOUT New Zealand when I was a kid growing up in the 90s there was the cartoon called Rocket Power,I now see how dumb and pandering show but at the time I could tolerate it...Then there was an hour long special episode where the Heroes Go to New Zealand and an overly competitive father focuses on his son to the point of neglecting his daughter and the son freaks out before the big extreme sports tournament the Father sees the error of his ways and reconciles with his daughter but in this story what if a man drove his only and adopted offspring over the edge?/b}

Goopy stood on the edge with his Snowboard, the Humans who lived on this Island said it was the first place to see the sunrise,maybe that was true, Goopy couldn't know for sure...Goopy was dumb, he would always be dumb.

Goopy was a Mutant Blobfish,he was found when he first Mutated by a Human known by all as Slap Happy Pappy, Slap Happy Pappy was a jolly surfer dude who in his prime was known as the greatest extreme sports legend of all time, Slap Happy Pappy was currently in his 40s and couldn't do most of the stunts he used to...He never had time for a wife and thus had no offspring but since Mutant Animals had become recognized as 'People' last year, the trendy thing to do when you see a freshly mutated Mutant is to take it in and raise it as your own, People who might screen you for adopting a human won't ask questions if you adopt a talking animal.
Goopy was not very bright but at the very least he could follow orders, and Slap Happy Pappy decided he would teach Goopy everything about extreme sports.

Then Slap Happy Pappy decided it was time to take Goopy to the Aroki/Mount Cook Xtreem Snowboarding Competition to prove he could RAISE the best extreme sportsman ever

There were lots of Humans there and few Mutant Animals, Slap Happy Pappy told Goopy what to do and Goopy did what he was told,however every time he did something, Slap Happy Pappy yelled at him for being 'too slow' or 'not doing it right' Goopy didn't understand what was going on, Finally Slap Happy Pappy blew up at him and called Goopy 'Just a dumb sack of meat' and 'I wish I never adopted you at all' Goopy thought that if Slap Happy Pappy wished he never had him, then it was time for Goopy to leave
At night he climbed and climbed with his snowboard and as the sun began to rise Goopy took and deep breath and jumped off the edge...Ito the sun
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