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This is a brief description of what schools systems do and the world system.
Okay... So ever noticed any strange behaviors in teachers towards a particular student or yourself? Or maybe noticed your child changing such as: more acne, facial features changing, strange development, and behavioral changes?
This isn't something that naturally occurs for most people, you see... There is a reason for the un-healthy lunch systems, but there is also more than you know about it.
The things the schools secretly do:
1. Food Chemicals
2. Air Chemicals
3. Psychological Dumbing
4. Subliminal Messaging
5. Hormones
6. Body Control

Food Chemicals: The lunch system doesn't know about this, only the people who order the food and the people who make it. The school lunches have chemicals in the food that react in their bodies based off of improper diet, certain bad habits (such as smoking and over-ejaculation), and other brain reactions that occur whenever someone is acting improperly. These chemicals are not ever found online and are not for sale to anybody who hasn't made enough money to own a large business that would be able to sell to these schools. This food can do an array of things to you based off of the things stated above: they can stay in your body for up to six months, constipation, acne explosions, behavioral reactions (such as emotional numbing and foggy head), and they can make you look like you are sick.
One of the main ways the schools look better to others is by getting good grades, and a way they force their students to give up their dreams while they are still in high school and TRY to get better grades is to use what they have to make you uglier and less emotionally charged towards your real goals.

Air Chemicals: MOST school systems harbor ventilation systems that release certain chemicals that much like the foods react on people differently based off of the same things. MOST teachers are aware of this and can use the flow of air and chemicals to attack a students mental state when they are feeling confident. You know that nerdy looking kid with the real bad acne and glasses right? Whenever he may be feeling good about himself someone might try to put him down? That is the teachers using the chemicals on OTHER students to attack him rather than putting any more chemicals on him then needed. Sometimes in life you find yourself thinking as rationally as you possibly can, then later find yourself back to that foggy mental state, well here you have it. These tactics are used nearly everywhere, and most people that own a place where they can be used are COMPLETELY unaware of it. For the record... These chemicals aren't necessarily chemicals, they are any know substance that provide proven results as to what they want to see out of a student/citizen. Everybody in this world is watched by their government, not in the literal sense, but if you think the world is too poor to afford this then you are sadly mistaken. Think of all the registered people in the world, they are registered in the system with their local system workers telling them what to do to them with the six tactics above, then those local workers put the "mark" on your name so other people at places will know... Without them even knowing most of the time. For example: Somebody working at a grocery store that doesn't know anything about these tactics could find himself checking out somebody at the store who may have committed a lot of crimes, this crime-doer would have a couple of red dots on their heads metaphorically speaking by the system. The bagger that doesn't know a thing could see something on the computer and without knowing it release a chemical or psychological attack on that person that would allow them to stay how the system would like them to for the time of punishment needed. I'll talk about the system and their consequential system in another article (provided this article is appreciated).

Psychological Dumbing: This is one of the oldest ones in the book. Psychological dumbing, or the closest thing to legal mind control these days is a tactic used by people to generally put other people down. In the system we talk about how people should always be nice to each other, well sometimes people aren't nice to each other for a reason. In SCHOOL particularly, teachers with or without knowing put their students down and generally attack their intelligence. My experience in high school with this consisted of my teachers making suicide gestures to me, whispering things like: your dumb, stupid, and "he's an idiot." Now if I were not a crucial part of this system I probably would have tried for a lawsuit, but since I know too much to make a public fuss about it I decided to do my best to maintain who I know I am deep down and continue to survive no matter what they did to my body, mind, and soul. Just a disclaimer: All things that these people do to you are temporary, meaning that the six tactics they use can stay for a long time (such as 4 years), but they will eventually die out. The tactic here is basically self-explanatory, teachers can look at you like your dumb, say your dumb, and do whatever they can. Now I know I said above that teachers and schools need good grades to look good, but in some schools with excessive good grades they don't necessarily NEED you feeling like your any good to society (especially if the system knows that you've been bad or deemed worthless to them). Another topic surrounding that idea is population control, which we'll talk about in another article.

Subliminal Messaging: Here it is... You've seen in television, music, and the internet that subliminal messaging is one of the "greatest tactics used to get a lot of customers." But what if I told you that there is more to subliminal messaging than advertising? Teachers with or without knowing (because they can also be subliminally taught) use this tactic to do a lot to the social system and individual students. With my experience in high school I had teachers that were aware of the system, mostly because they had told them about me for whatever reasons. I would hear the teachers at my school whispering words that would turn the girls at my school on to certain students, make people say and do stupid stuff, and much like the psychological dumbing make people change behaviors. You know that kid at your school that gets all of the girls right? Well let me tell you, that guy wouldn't be scoring that much if it wasn't for how the teachers treated him, subliminally charged him and the girls surrounding him, and set out his friends to be his followers. This guy for whatever reason also hasn't been chemically or substantially attacked by his school, thats probably why he looks so good. The thing that made me the angriest was how teachers would turn the girls on and make them want to have sex, if they were aware of the system that is. Another thing that the teachers do in addition to the turning them on and the messing with your body thing is make a certain movement while insinuating the message of sex to them, this movement they would make during the act of sex when reminded of sex while having sex would generally cause harm, stretching, and possibly pregnancy.

Hormones: This is the shortest section I will talk about because most of it is covered above. Hormones are breathed in, eaten, and charged by the teachers to the students. This controls the social system, who gets to get laid, and who gets to look and feel good.

Body Control: This is the second shortest section because the rest is covered above. The teachers use the methods above to make peoples/students bodies turn out a strange way. Your name is in the water supply just for the record, and if your thinking about using bottled water to escape this think again! Because bottled water too has ingredients in them that react to your body based off of your behaviors. Anyways... People (were talking about the school system in particular) use all sorts of movements to make people work out the wrong way without knowing, have sex the wrong way without knowing, and all sorts of things the wrong way. You know that guy with the hunch back right? Well there you have it... His body has been controlled by the media, the school system, and many other of places. Genes are obviously a real thing, but as far as I know, genes only determine how tall your going to get, the rest is basically the systems little play-ground to mess with if your "mis-behaving" or if your just one of those extremely unlucky people chosen to get ripped on by the system. Here are examples of the things they can effect to make you turn out differently: the way you walk and build muscle around the base of your spine, the way you sit down that builds unnecessary/excessive back muscle, and the way that you are still... Meaning the way your body settles during rest. The gasses they use (chemicals/substances) make you bloated with gas, and think about it: If you have gas or air in your body for such a long time, you build muscle around that and eventually it becomes trapped forever with squishy fat muscle that calls for extreme un-comfort and behavioral issues throughout life. Your body and mind are exclusive things, meaning that for you to be in a bad mood in your head is to be in a bad state of rest or posture in your body. Let me elaborate: You get a headache... This pain you feel is in your head right? But the pain you DON'T feel is somewhere hiding in your body being suppressed by your mind and by whatever the system had put on/in you. So what does this have to do with anything you may wonder? All numbness of the mind and careless thoughts come from a blockage in the body, sometimes your reflexes are controlled by subliminal acts, and no matter what there is always a way to trick you into this if the system wan't you to. The school systems often short-cut this by getting chairs that give people bad posture... Once again... WITH OR WITHOUT THEMSELVES KNOWING WHAT THEY ARE DOING FOR THE SYSTEM. The controlling of who gets a good body and who doesn't comes from luck, healthy/bad habits, healthy/bad thoughts, and much more. You can clearly see how having a good body contributes to the social and sexual system throughout the world...

Now its up to you to ask yourself: Am I being controlled by the system? Am I just letting myself constantly face defeat? Am I even aware of whats going on in this world? And most importantly... Am I a blind follower to this made up reality we call rational thinking?
If so, then please continue on with your believes, because I was once like you... Unable to face the truth and see whats really wrong with this world.
I will post more later on... I hope you enjoyed this.
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