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Two cats found baby duck they take care of it until it become plump to be cookingfordinner
In a cats town there were two couple who just married the male is called Veer and femelle is called Zaara on Day Veer has found a cute baby duck he take it to his wife he thought they could cook and eat it as a dinner meal but when he come home Zaara welcomed him this is the conversation...
Hello darling, I have a surprise to you :said Veer
And show her the duck firstly she think like him it could be perfect dinner but every time she look at her and her cuteness the feline heart melted to mother heart
I will take care of it i loved her too much ; Zaara said
But i bring it her to be our dinner tonigh ;Veer said
Oh please Veer i like your surprise please agree
"ok " He heavily said that
" and promise me never hurt her "Zaara said
" I promise, and now what are you cooked for dinner "Veer told Zaara
" your favourite dinner give me second and it will ready "
The Next Day morning Veer go to his work and Zaara in home with the little duck
She prepare his food and do his housework and cook for his husband who every time see the duck imagine her roasted or put in big plate and after several days Valentines Day come Veer toke Zaara to a restaurant after they had spent all Day out of home and when they thinking what they eat the waiter come and tell him that today is a sale on plate of the Day and it will be half price they accepted without know what they eat and when they see the menu to know they found that
"whole roasted duck with orange sauce" they looked to each other in surprise
They never tasted duck before but they loved the idea and when the waiter bring the order and out the whole roasted duck in front of them
Zaara said : which part should we start first
Veer only focus with the duck and his smell and his mouth watered.and they licking their lips. and when they take the first bite they forget themselves and zaara really loved duck 's taste it' s very delicious and tester.
Veer shew his part and said yummy. The whole duck was eaten in only 15 minute. Then they Return home with stuffed bellies looks to their duck and it become bigger and
plump and sweet now. Zaara prepare their water and food and leave to to take rest after the Amazing Day. After a week, Veer and Zaara sitting in the Living whatching tv
By accident it was cook show a feline Cat chef basting a duck and say
"be sure that the duck is nice and tender before you put it into the soup. And be sure to stuff it well before " they looked to each other and continue whatching the show and they thinking about same thing but zaara closed the tv. Veer asked why, she told him about his promise, Veer tried to induces to break his promise but without any utility
Zaara 's birthday will be Next week and her sister will come that day and after a week Veer and Zaara go to the cinema and Zaara 's sister who called Sara
Reach home. When she entered she found no one shouted "Veer" !! Zaara!! Any body here and she searching the rooms and entered the duck room when she saw it, her mouth watered. And she found herself subconsciously licking her lips,ducks tasted yummy!
She carried the duck to check it and she found it plump and heavy to carry she told her self that "definitly Veer and Zaara bring the duck home for me to be our dinner in Zaara 's the birthday and they went out to bring other ingredient to make it perfect day and I should help them, the duck need some stuffing and it will be perfect for dinner meal, and in minute the duck was tied well and sara prepare stuffing ingredient to fatten it up for dinner the duck become more plump and gain more weight, "very nice and sweet now" Sara said licking her lips and inquired what the duck will be she searching the Internet to see more ducks recipe she found more than 101 recipe to prepare the duck but finaly the decided to make the duck roast she put the duck into boiling water and added some spices and left it to buy some thing from the market. After Veer and Zaara finish the film they went to home to be ready for welcome Sara but when they went home Zaara went to duck room to feed the duck she not found it she worried and asked veer but he donot now any thing and in second they smell a beautiful smell they walked against the smell until they reached the kitchen, Zaara in a shock sight see the pot boiling . in this second Sara back and have the addition ingredient they welcomed here and inquired what in the pot. "The whole pretty duck" Sara said, "Oh my God what a heal you did Sara"
Zaara shouted
"Oh what a delicious smell, didn't smell "said Sara
" yes it will be very tasty but who told you make that Sara "Veer said
It is Zaara best pet ever and she loved this duck too much
" Oh sorry Zaara I don't know it i want to Make a surprise when you back and found every thing ready "said Sara but it ' s really will be best meal you have eat in whole life
In this time Zaara trying to save the duck but it turn to stewed duck and boiled she crying much and go to her room then sara and Veer followed her and they tried to calm her
"from the day I bring it to you and always see it in a plate every time I see you feeding it i say to myself she do this to make it perfect for dinner at any day and do you remember the first time we taste duck meat it was Amazing and when we whatching cooking show in tv I was very happy to see that and when you close it, l downloaded that eposide from internet " Veer said
" realy you will love it ok I agree and not sad " Zaara said
" Ok nice couple please Veer I want to see this cooking show "Sara said
Ok let's watch it all come in Zaara...
After they watched the show. Sara Put the duck in a roasting pin. And Place into oven, Then she turn the oven on and Zaara and Veer whatching after 20 minute Sara open the oven and baste the duck and the smell become more tasty and" Now time to fix the gravy "Sara said asking Zaara for help and make vegetables and after an hour they all setting in dinner table with the whole roasted duck in the centre sara started to cut the cute duck and all of them eat and Zaara rubbbed her belly in deligh and said although it was my favourite pet it is very delicious and tasty and thank you Veer for that presient that is best birthday ever and she looked to duck bones and said I will miss you too much thanks for that dinner
The end
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