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Characters and places in the play.
Places that the play take place. ~1~

John Smith's Town: A place where a house of fairy tales is found. ~2~
Camping Site: A place in the bush, where a house of fairy tales is found. ~3~
Barracks: A small building that is found in the camping site, not far from Mysterious house. ~4~
House of Fairy tales: A house of Mr and Mrs Rone in John Smith's town. ~5~


Mr Rone: A father in The House of fairy tales. ~6~
Mrs Rone: A mother in The House of fairy tales. ~7~
Rhoda: A daughter in The house of fairy tales. ~8~
Mrs Donna; Mrs Rone's mother, and a polite woman in The House of fairy tales. ~9~

Chicco: Rhoda's friend, and a citizen of John Smith's town. She also have a house in John Smith. ~10~
Xing Ming: A young lady from Asia, in the republic of China. ~11~
Dilen: Rhoda's friend, and he is not a citizen of John Smith's town. ~12~
Mr Ryan: A tour guide in Africa. ~13~
Prince: The richest man in John Smith's town. ~14~
Tennyson: A young boy from USA, and Justin's friend. ~15~
Molyn: The Brazilian man, and the owner of Mysterious house. ~16~
Mr Yun Chin: A tour guide in Asia. ~17~
Mr DL: A Brazilian man. ~18~
Justin: A young boy from South Africa, and Tennyson's friend. ~19~
Old man: A guard in the house of fairy tales. ~20~
Celine: A young lady from Southern Europe. ~21~
Mrs Stacey: A tour guide in Africa. ~22~
Mr Smith: Investigator in John Smith's town. ~23~
Lisa: A young lady from North America. ~24~
Mr Ditshego and Mr Laughter: Characters that exit in Mrs Donna's imagination. ~25~

The Julie team: Musical instruments
Harmony and Happiness: The two doves. ~26~
Africa: A Rapid. ~27~
Unity: A drawing book. ~28~
Miss Jessica: A Rapid. ~29~
Paige: A dairy. ~30~

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