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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2083907
he found himself in a different place and time,where the animals rule.
Have you ever experienced true fear? I mean soul-crushing bone-chilling horror. No, well I have. Let me think this through one more time. I have my school backpack with a calculator, math instruments, and my textbooks… what else my rescue inhaler. I’ll have to try and use it sparingly it only three-fourths full. A pair of skull candy headphones and my laptop….yeah I’m fucked. How the fuck did this even happen one second I’m relaxing finally through with finals and getting ready for high school graduation. The next I’m not.

Thinking about it a lot of use early fucking college class will do me right god damn now! Ok! I have to keep calm, you panic you die that’s the rule. With that in mind, I’m writing in this journal to keep me sane and maintain a log of sorts to help keep the days start in my head. “So what happen to you?”. That’s a very good question journal. I am trying to work that one out myself all I am certain of as of now is that I am hopelessly lost. Which bring us to the next question, how did you get hopelessly lost? And once again I have no fu…no idea.

I was at school getting ready to leave then I wasn’t, I found myself in the middle of a lush field with nature on all sides. In a word nowhere is where I found myself as in the since no internet connections or cell service I’m assuming about the cell service. I don’t actually have a phone that’s one of the many things my family can’t afford. But that’s beside the point. In all directions, there was only open field. “But wait”, “yes journal”. “Couldn’t you have blacked out and sleep walk here?”… “First no the school is in the middle of the city and second that’s stupid”. Continuing. As with anyone I Immediately panicked my mind raced “where the fuck am I” ”what the fuck is going on” ”I want my mommy” ”how did this happen” “how do I get home”. I won’t lie to you journal I sobbed like a scared little child. After what I assume was an hour of …that. I finally started to regain my senses. I had to if I want to get home alive. And here we are at the current moment. I’m lost alone and totally fucked. ... I'm going to have to move soon the sky is darkening with thick dark clouds. it's going to rain and soon.
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