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Shortcuts to use on MS Word or WdC
MS Word has so many shortcuts. Do you know them all? Here's a list of keyboard combinations that can easily save you time:

1 Ctrl L = Left (for WdC, press shift as well)
2 Ctrl E = Center (for WdC, press shift as well)
3 Ctrl R = Right (for WdC, press shift as well)
4 Ctrl J= Justify
5 Ctrl X = Cut
6 Ctrl V= Paste
7 Ctrl C= Copy
8 Ctrl S= Save (it will save your browser's webpage- I discourage that!)
9 Ctrl F= Find
10 Ctrl G = go to (find on window)
11 Ctrl H = Find and Replace (this opens history on your browser)
12 Ctrl I = Italics (for WdC, press shift as well)
13 Ctrl B = Bold (for WdC, press shift as well)
14 Ctrl U = Underline (for WdC, press shift as well)
15 Ctrl Z = Undo
16 Ctrl Y = Redo/undo the undo
17 Ctrl P = Print
18 Ctrl W = Close
19 Ctrl A = select all
20 ctrl shift = select by word (use arrows on the keyboard to select which direction to highlight)
21 Ctrl K= insert hyperlink
22 Ctrl D= Font (add bookmark on window)
23 Ctrl N = New file (new browser window)
24 Ctrl T= Hanging indent (new tab on browser- ctrl shift T = opens last closed tab)
25 Ctrl M= Indent
26 F12 = save as

Finally, on your browser:
27 clicking out of any text boxes/selections and pressing backspace will bring you pack a page

So, next time you're doing something on MS word in a hurry, see if one of these will save you some time!
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