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What would you do if humanities time on Earth was running out?
When I was little, I never dreamed that I would be running away from a horrible animal on an un-explored planet. But, neither would I have dreamed that I would be a hero for going to this un-known planet to save humanity itself. Then I got the phone call that would change my life. My name is Maria Smith and this is my story.

Chapter One
It was a beautiful morning in Houston, Texas. The sun was bright and the grass was brown and crunchy as it always was. Climate change had a big impact in the Earths atmosphere, but it wasn't as much climate change as it was human stupidity. We had been ruining the Earths atmosphere for many, many years but lately it had been getting worse. This is why I work for the Emergency Planet Astronomer Organization or the EPAO. We were dedicated to help find a planet suitable for life if Earth ever became un-livable. We recently had found a planet named Perio that may have been suitable for humans but, we didn't have enough information to know for sure.

I was sitting on my black leather coach watching TV an doing my homework. I had extra homework lately because of the new finding of the EPAO. As I was watching TV, a commercial came on that I had seen a thousand times, I was getting quit annoyed so I reached for the remote to change the channel when the phone rang. when I looked at the number, it was a number I had never seen with an area code to match. When I answered it a women's warm, but tough voice spoke.

"Hello, is this Maria Smith?"

I answered with a skeptic voice, "Yes it is."

"Oh good" the women spoke, "I am the coordinator at NASA. I am calling to inform you that you have been selected to go to Perio with two others."

I was shocked. The first question that I asked was, "Why me?"

She then answered quickly as if she was suddenly in a hurry, " I will explain everything when u get here. The address is 1234 Parker Street, Lancaster, California. Be there in tomorrow at ten AM."

And with that, she hung up and left me in shock. I had no idea how of all the people I would be picked. After a few minutes of sitting on my coach my mind started to clear and it all set in.

I would be going to a foreign planet with two strangers.

I jumped of the coach and ran to my bed room to start packing. I packed almost everything because I was not sure what I needed. I did not have much stuff though because I was never home. My job took up most of my time. I had to hurry because it was already eight thirty and the ride to Lancaster was a 23 hour drive and I had to be there in time to check into a hotel. I got finished packing and through my bags into the trunk of my blue Ford F-150 and hopped into the drivers seat

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