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A girl was planning on going to a party, when she didn't show up her friends becameworried
It was a sunny morning in Rochester and everything seemed to be going all right. Jenna was meeting up with her friends like she always seems to do on her way to school. Her friends were fifteen minutes late, she was starting to head to school on her own, when all of a sudden she heard a faint voice.
“Jenna, wait for us.” exclaimed Tessa
“Sorry we are late, our alarms didn’t go off.” Said Jaxon
Jenna whips around to see her friends huffing up the hill. She waits for her friends and continue walking to school. They got to school right on time. They ran to their first class which was Geometry. Professor Carter talked so slow that more than half of the class was asleep. Jenna and her friends talked all hour, but the teacher didn’t mind.
“Did you hear about the party tomorrow?” Asked Tessa
“Yeah, but I don’t really want to go.” Replied Jenna
The cute guy in class throws a big party every year and Tessa has a huge crush on him, but Jenna doesn’t want anything to do with him.
“Please go with me, you owe me.”
“Fine, I’ll go.”
The bell rang and everyone rushed out of the class. The day went by really slow, the friends texted each other throughout the day. They were making plans about the party tomorrow. Jenna was going to drive Tessa and her brother, Jaxon, to the party in her red mustang convertible, she was going to pick them up at seven sharp.
They walked home and stopped at the gas station, they were going to have a picnic like they did when they were kids. Nobody was at the park, which was strange because it’s usually always crowded. They didn’t stay very long, they felt strange. They felt as if someone was staring at them so they ran as fast as they could, home.
It was seven, Tessa and Jaxon waited an hour for Jenna, but she never showed up. They called her twelve times, but it just went straight to voicemail each time. They drove to her house, but her mom said that she wasn’t feeling good and was in her room resting. It wasn’t like Jenna to not call her friends and let them know that she won’t be able to take them to the party. Jaxon drove Tessa to the party and they had a blast. They didn’t get home until two in the morning.
The next day, Jenna didn’t show up for school, they were starting to worry. They watched the news and on the TV they were talking about a body found just a couple blocks from Jenna’s house. Detective Harley said that it seems to be a teenage girl between the ages of fourteen and sixteen with dark brown hair and green eyes. That described Jenna perfectly. They called the James household and Jenna’s mom answered crying hysterically. The body was indeed Jenna’s and she had been murdered and thrown into the creek.
Detective Harley came to the James’ house and asked them a few questions like:
“Where were you around 6:45 last night?”
“When was the last time you saw your daughter?”
“Do you know anybody who would want to harm your daughter?”
They were so overwhelmed that they were sobbing in between each word they said. They couldn’t believe that their only child was gone. What were they going to do, who could do such a thing to their daughter. Their daughter was so loved and was such a great student. They may never know who did this to their daughter, the case is still unsolved to this day.
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