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Who is hallucinating and who isn't.

Who Are You

He knelt at the edge of the bed, his hand gliding over the smooth fabric of the sheets as

he watched the lump beneath it squirm in unease. He could barely hear her murmurs

over the sound of his heavy breathing. "Mm, go away Jack." Her voice, soft and faint

called out to him, beckoning him like a flame draws in a moth. His breath caught in his

throat at the sound of it as a wide smile drew across his face. For a moment the world

grew dark swallowing everything in its wake, leaving nothing present except for him and

her. Her light brown hair draped over her shoulder moved as she spread her arms in

welcome, seeing the gentle smile she offered him the man swallowed the lump in his

throat before leaning forwards in an embrace. Just as he was about to wrap his arms

around her, the world had brightened, exposing everything it had once shrouded, along

with the single, minute detail he he had previously overlooked. She had gotten his name

wrong. Narrowing his eyes, the once wide smile the man wore had shifted to a frown

before he gently shook her.

"It's time to wake up dear." The squirming stopped and the woman shot out of her bed

her eyes wide in panic as she stared at the figure kneeling beside her bed. Holding the

sheets around her like a safety blanket the woman's eyes hardened

"Who the hell are you and what the fuck are you doing in my house?" Her voice

unwavering in false confidence stirred the man from his silence.

"What are you talking about." His baritone voice caused the woman to jump. "I'm your

husband of course, we've been married for six years. Look, i've got the proof right here."

He tossed a framed photo on the bed, the wooden framing splintered on one side with

the glass completely shattered leaving nothing but jagged edges.

Moving closer to get a better look at the photo the woman eyed the man wearily while

picking it up. It was a photo of her wedding day, taken after the reception. In it were her

with her brothers on one side of her and her husband on the other side. She was smiling

brightly with her head on her spouses shoulder. Seeing nothing wrong with the photo

itself the woman looked up to see the man standing at the foot of the bed, an arm's

reach away from her. Panicking at the sudden closeness the woman trampled over the

bed to the side opposite of him.

" What's wrong?" Asked the man.

The worried tone of his voice unnerved the woman more than his presence did. How

could he be this worried for her? Who was he? Why was he in her home? These

question became repetitive in her mind as she struggled to piece together the broken

puzzle. There were corners that matched and lumps that didn't fit together. It was

frustrating for her. She felt like a kindergartner attempting to solve a college level math

problem. Unable to be in his presence the woman bolted from the room, she could feel

her feet hammer against the wooden floor as she made her way to the kitchen intent on

find in what little security the kitchen ware could offer her. Behind her, the man called

out, his loud voice laced with concern as he walked hurriedly down the hall. He knew he

needed to get to her before she did something to hurt herself or him for that matter.

Hearing the sound of a drawer sliding in and out he picked up pace. The feeling of dread

starting to fester deep within, growing bigger with each step taken, till' finally he stopped.

Stopping in front of the walkway separating the kitchen from the living room he peered

helplessly into the darkness with the hope of finding her. Flicking the switch he see her

standing there, her brown hair disheveled and her black nightgown rumpled as she

hunched over the counter. Hands wrapped around the handle of a kitchen knife as she

wobbled towards the kitchen door.

She could see him standing there, grinning ominously at her as his fingers thumped

against the smooth, oak wood bar.

"Well there you are, I thought I lost you."

Shivering involuntarily she readied herself and dove forward.

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