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What scripture says about being transgender.
Deuteronomoy 22: [5] The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.

The issue of transgenders in America isn't a new issue. It started many years ago and people merely failed to see it. It started back with the first American woman who wanted to be a man or equal unto one. It started back with the first American man who wanted to be a woman or live as one. We as Christians must remember that it isn't as much what we do but why we do it and the way it manifests the thoughts and intents of our heart. Ignorance can be forgiven but the thoughts and intents of the heart are manifested outside.

Look at the above scripture so often misquoted. It says "that which pertaineth unto a man" and not men's clothing. This goes way farther than Levis or a dress.

The word of God from Adam and Eve in Genesis to the words of Christ to Paul showing what the Lord meant in Ephesians 5: 31, 32 to Revelation clearly show the church and the saints as the bride of Christ. Therefore it is Christ who is the Betrothed, Head and Husband of his bride the church and the saints. They await as betrothed the wedding feast of the Lamb, their Lord and Master and Husband.

In Acts 1: 8 the Lord said ye shall be witnesses unto me. Not witnesses for me. In other words, the things we believe and say and the way we live are all witnessed by Christ the righteous judge. He watches and brings forth his judgments to light every morning. Sadly what he witnesses from most Christians is unbelief and a lack of faith as well as rebellion and a love of the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life.

The word of God is clear in Jesus being not only the Betrothed, Head and Husband of the saints and church but many others as well. He is many things in which the betrothed usurps authority over him and rebels against him while condemning others because their sin is obvious.

The word of God says the Lord is a man of war. When women decide they have to join the military they have considered themselves equal unto their husbands and the Lord whether they say so or not. No where in the word of God do you see a woman as a soldier with the possible exception of Deborah who clearly said the victory was not of honor as the enemy would be given into the hand of a woman. It would be acceptable if there were no men. But, when a woman says she doesn't care or she's as good as any man, even though she may very well be, it is the thoughts of her heart and mind and her ego that make her as a FTM or female to male transgender. If this woman is a Christian and she blindly lashes out against transgenders she will merely condemn herself. That which pertaineth unto a man also includes police gear such as uniform and weapons among aother things.

The word of God says the Lord is a High Priest forever after the order of Melchizedec. He alone wears the breastplate of judgment. When his betrothed passes judgment on another person (different from warning of sin and abomination) she as his betrothed has chosen that which pertaineth unto him. That which pertaineth unto a Man. The one man who is mediator between man and God. Churches do this as do saints. The women wearing that which pertaineth unto their Husband and Lord and Master.

The word of God shows us the Lord is our Master. When churches vote in a pastor rather than allow the Spirit of God to bring the one whom the Lord chooses they have just usurped authority over their Master. They have rebelled against him and chosen what they want over what the Lord wants for them. The same holds true for those who attend a church they want rather than where the Spirit of God leads them as directed by Christ. When they listen to what they want to hear rather than what the Lord wants them to hear they have put on that which pertaineth unto a man. That which pertaineth unto their Husband and Master and Lord.

If a woman wears pants because of ease or need or job nothing is wrong. If she wears pants because she feels a dress is "too girly" she is just as bad as a female to male transgender. When she believes, feels, thinks or says that she is wearing pants because she does not wish to be feminine or lady like or such she is just as bad as a female to male transgender.

I'll stop here with the female to male transgender offenses and "that which pertaineth unto a man" as there are too many things to go into. I'll try to just touch on some things no longer taught by the balsphemous generation of false prophets.
We as Christians know "neither shall a man put on a woman's garment." But this goes way farther. Many men wear a woman's garment and don't even realize it. They should learn what this means before getting too mad over the female to male transgender. While it is wrong and their warnings are admireable maybe they should start being more outspoken as well about the female to male transgender mentioned above. Many of whom are in churches.

Isaiah 30: [1] Woe to the rebellious children, saith the LORD, that take counsel, but not of me; and that cover with a covering, but not of my spirit, that they may add sin to sin:

Our covering or veil as Christians is the Spirit of God. It is through the earnest of the Spirit we have such veil or covering of the Lord. Faith in him and the shedding of his blood. Our wisdom, rightousness, sanctifiaction and redemption all come by the work of the Spirit given from Christ.

In scripture we also see the woman's garment is her veil. Her covering and glory. Our veil and covering and glory is Christ. Women who refuse to grow their hair long when they are able (some aren't and that isn't sin) do not have the covering or glory of Christ as Paul clearly showed us in scripture. Men who have long hair have chosen the woman's garment as well as those who choose the spirit of man and their own righteousness. Another example are preachers who are afraid to preach the truth to please the flock. They have chosen the spirit of man over the Spirit of God.

When men refuse to go farther with their faith or be the head of their household they become as women or wear the woman's garment. Those who refuse to fight the good fight of faith against evil spirits are also listed as being as women. All of these men wear a woman's garment. ( Jeremiah 50: 37, Jeremiah 51: 30, Ezekiel 16:38 )

Mankind laying with mankind goes way farther than homosexuality. Men who have foreborn to fight and those who have chosen the veil or woman's garment of their own spirit or the spirit of man preached behind pulpits are all listed as being effeminate and as women and wearing the woman's garment.

Once again it is the thoughts and intents of the heart. An example is high school graduation.

If a boy wears a cap and gown because he has to for the ceremony no harm has been done. If he has secretly awaited this so he can feel like a girl or fantasize about being a girl he is a male to female transgender scripturally. (MTF)
If a man wears a woman's garment out of true need which can not be avoided no harm has been done even though he will feel rediculous and appear so. Such examples might be a hospital gown or therapeutic stockings. If he does so to feel like a woman or look like a woman it is another story. Then he has done so for the wrong reason and that is blasphemy.

The Lord (the Man) shall not wear the woman's (our, saints) garment (covered by our spirit and righteousness which is as filthy rags) as it would be an abomination in the sight of his Father, Jehovah, God Almighty.

In conclusion, transgender using inappropriate bathrooms only opens the door to opportunity for perverts and pedophiles and edmon possessed people to abuse children. Others, not the transgenders for the most part.

Are these transgenders recent?

No most have been acting and dressing as transgenders for years and it has gone unnoticed. Many are in churches. It started many yeasr ago but escalated with the feminist movement and the feminization of weak men afraid to stand on the word of God which is the truth of God. It grew as men quit teaching the deeper spiritual things to keep people in church and keep the tithes coming in. Telling women to be and dress as women and telling men to man up only lessens the following and most preachers are too effeminste (MTF transgender) to stand on the truth.

The bottom line is men should be and dress like men regardless of what the world thinks. Women should be and dress like women regardless of what the world thinks.

Those with an outer male anatomy should dress as men and use the men's bathroom.

Those with an outer female anatomy should dress as women and use the women's bathroom.

The word of God should be the final authority on what we believe, what we say, what we post, how we live and how we dress and where we worship at all times.

May God bless.

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