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My purpose in life is to serve.
This is an "I" morning. This is about me, my beliefs, and my thoughts. YOU CANNOT change my mind, prove me wrong or say anything of substance about what I have written because you are not me. You may be able to relate to my words, but my feelings and my emotions this morning are all mine!

This morning when I rose up, I could not help but thank the Lord! I know that there is a belief in our world that God is dead (but then that means HE HAD TO HAVE LIVED!). There is also that rumor that there is no God and that our universe came about because of the big bang theory. Lots of opinions out there.

I live by one theory and it is my absolute intention also to die by that one theory -- THERE IS A GOD! I have lived long enough to test a few of the theories, and this one just keeps coming back -- God is, and He lives.

Being the chicken that I am (I used to think that I was a high-risk taker), I know that there is nothing that keeps me here, sane, clothed, in my right mind, and able to move and live but the grace and mercy of God. I would not have it any other way.

I leave it to others, to believe in some great big spirit running around, and some accidental birth, but I was born with a purpose and placed here on this earth to carry it out.

Every day that my God keeps me is an opportunity to fulfill His purpose in my life.

Many years ago, I had my handwriting analyzed, and the one thing that stuck out throughout the analysis was that I was here to serve -- serve God, serve other, serve, serve, serve. Serving was and is not a demeaning task for me. I find it an honor to serve those that are less fortunate. It is a privilege to serve those that have need of my service. It is a joy to be found capable and able to serve those who are for whatever reason in need of real service.

Yesterday, when one of the mayors in Maryland died, my phone just started blowing up! They needed me to know. Some needed to hear my voice just to make sure that I was alright. Others needed to be comforted. I was overwhelmed, but I knew that something major had just happened in Prince George's County, and those who knew Mayor James Walls, Jr. knew it too -- but for God's grace one of us could have departed this world. How sobering is that?

Since the beginning of this year, I have been very sick TWICE. I was in a car accident that totaled my car of ten years. I am just recovering from influenza( A or B). Yet, God's grace and mercy have kept me here another day. FOR that, I say thank you, LORD!

My task today is to be mindful of God's grace and mercy and His purpose for me while I am still here, and PEOPLE my purpose is NOT ABOUT ME but the WILL OF GOD IN MY LIFE!

May you have an awesome and blessed day. May you also find your purpose in life, and may you live it to the fullest.

As always, peace and blessings.
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