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by Intuey
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My bedroom is my saving grace

Soft lighting reflects off the
rustic high beam ceilings
sending a romantic glow
throughout my bedroom.

Snuggled up on my full-size bed,
draped with an off-white chenille spread
brimming with fluffy pillows, furbabies
and a laptop is where I find my peace.

Log cabin walls compliment
my own works of art--
trees painted by memory,
by imagination.

Two big windows on
side-by-side walls
gifts me with two different worlds.
The one beside my bed allows
my mind to drift, as I gaze upon
our land of apple, plum, dogwood
and oak trees. Miles of woods
lie beyond, climbing gently up
the mountain slope.
Always changing.

The view from my other window
peers out across a small dirt road,
where horses, cows, and goats
graze on rolling pastures.
Beautiful creatures even on
a not-so-beautiful day.

Lace scarves decorate
the top of lamps.
One on my bedside table which
holds four canvas box drawers.

A simple but elegant vintage
vanity table, snug against the
wall holds a variety of lotion,
cologne and make-up bottles,
along with a few scattered oddities.

My long wooden dresser is topped
with a lace runner, almost hidden
beneath a Samsung flat screen.

Artist's tripod stands in the corner,
satin robe draped over a half-painted canvas.
Behind it leans a photographer's tripod.

Lace curtains cover the blinds on my windows,
with embroidered angels keeping watch.

My bedroom is my sanctuary.
A place to get away from life's chaotic demands.
A mix of country and victorian,
rugged and romantic--
a mixture of me.

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Subject or Theme: Describe the favorite room in your house
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