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Rated: E · Poetry · Children's · #2084317
A child's bed time poem
All the World’s Horses

After prayers, she ran to her window,
and made a wish upon the brightest star;
she said she wished to own all
the world’s horses, near and far!

“All of the world’s horses,"
said the star-fairy, "belong to you now,
but, goodness, a few of the horses
think they are cows!”

The cow-horses are snobby,
so they turn their backs,
but they are not as strange
as the horses that quack!

The duck-horses want to waddle
to the pond to go swim,
where they begin fiercely racing
because each wants to win!

Yet, others in the herd
now think they are hogs;
they squeal as they run
to the nearest mud-bog!

There are twenty white horses,
believing they are cats;
they loudly purr and meow
as they hunt for big rats!

Twelve roan horses stand
in a straight row;
they believe they are roosters
as they proudly strut and crow!

Seven black beauties
begin to howl and bark,
believing they are dogs,
they run together to the park!

Cock-a-woof, woof-doodle-do,
moo-meow, squeal-quack squeal, moo,
the star-fairy appears and asks the girl,
“With all the world’s horses, now what will you do?"

Listening to squeals, quacks, meows,
woofs, cock-a-doodles, and moos,
she thinks that instead of all the world’s horses,
she now owns a remarkable zoo!

Now go to sleep, my precious child,
and dream happy dreams this night;
know that some of the horses are angels,
watching over you ‘til morn’s first light!

"Spiritual Newsletter (May 18, 2016)

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2084317-All-the-Worlds-Horses