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A short poem about what happens to use at death
Spiritual: May 18, 2016 Issue [#7651]Writers / Writer / Creative Writing

What Happens at the End

Is there an afterlife,
as Christianity teaches,
or reincarnation,
or nothingness?

The answer was made
apparent by Einstein
with his theory
of relativity.

The basic unit of life
is the cell,
and we are made of millions
of cells.

Like cells form tissues,
like tissues form organ systems
and this makes us
an organism.

Each cell is made of energy,
which can be altered,
but can never
be destroyed.

When we come to our end,
our bodies die,
when our millions of
cells die.

At the end,
our cells release all energy
which becomes a
different entity.

The essence of us
now lives in this altered energy
which I prefer to call
the soul.

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