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Four long time friends get together and discuss the meaning of dream of a white wolf.
The Night Messengers

Kathleen McNamara

It was a beautiful summer night and the four friends were relaxing around a fire pit sharing their second bottle of Merlot of the evening. Four college companions that remained connected over the years. Marriages, jobs and families never prevented them from getting together at least once every summer to renew those bonds forged on the campus grounds.

The wine was beginning to work its magic and the lively conversations wandered into the realm of dreams. Liza, Annie and Meghan had all recounted some of their recent oddball midnight meanderings. Everyone got a chance to play interpreter and try to figure out what each dream meant. Liza was a psychologist by trade and her interpretations tended to be a bit more literal than the others. The last one to related her walk through the dreamscape was Cassie. She settled back in the comfortable rocking chair and looked at the group. Anticipation hung in the air as they waited for her to begin. Gazing at the fire as she twirled the stem of the wine glass in her fingers, she began her story.

“Let me preface this by saying that last night this dream was in very vivid color and, it seemed to me, that it went on for a very long time.” Never moving her gaze from the flames, she continued. “I was standing on the porch of a very old twin-type home. The front porch was painted dark blue. While I was there a white wolf suddenly came up on the porch. I was so startled, I ran back into the house. Once inside, I checked to see if everyone was safe. From the living room of the house, I could hear a lot of noise coming from the backyard. Going outside and walking down the driveway to the rear of the house, I could see a moose, a rather large moose, running in circles. I knew I had to get him into the house to calm him down.”

“I get the moose into the house and close the front door. From the porch I see and cloaked figure, with a hood shielding her face walking with the white wolf by her side. How I knew the figure was a woman, I cannot figure out. The wolf was calmly walking beside the woman. He was unleashed, but wearing a green collar with white square diamonds.”

The other three sat perfectly still. Liza, Annie and Meghan could tell that Cassie was “seeing” the dream replay in her mind as she stared at the fire. No one wanted to interrupt her.

“As the figure and the wolf walked past the porch, she nodded to me. The wolf turned its gaze in my direction, but it was not the face of the wolf that I saw. My grandfather’s face was staring back at me. I was so surprised that all I could do was watch them walk up the street and out of sight.”

“Turning around to go back into the house, I spied a hand-printed note taped to the railing. On the floor under the note, was something covered with a black plastic tarp. The note was an apology for the delay in the delivery of the material to finish decorating the front porch. Removing the tarp, I found a cylinder containing yards and yard of red, white and blue plaid gingham material. Taking the material from the cylinder, I remember thinking what was I supposed to be doing with all this fabric and why was it for the front porch? Then I woke up.

Raising her gaze from the flames she looked at her friends and said, “I have had wolf dreams before, but never a white one. I have to say the moose is a first too! But what struck me was how vivid the colors were.”

Liza chimed in that is because all those colors have meanings. Meghan took a sip of her wine and told her Freud would have field day analyzing this one. All four had a good laugh at that comment. Annie said the only way to get through this one was with a dictionary of dream symbols.
Liza remained silent. She knew that Cassie was going through some life changes and as a new empty nester, she was at a cross roads in her life. It was intuition that was “talking” to her and Cassie needed to learn to heed that voice. Annie suggested everyone get a good night of sleep and they would all do some research in the morning. Gathering up the empty wine bottles and glasses, they all went inside.

Assembling in the kitchen the next morning for coffee, Cassie was surprised to see her friends holding sheets of paper with lots of notes on them. They all grinned at her and waved their writings in her direction.

“While you were sound asleep, we all got together and started doing some poking around on a few sites devoted to dream meanings, “ Annie informed her. “You gave us so much material, Meghan and I were at it for quite awhile!”

Liza told her that she had dashed off a note to a few of her Native American friends in the southwest. “You my dear have some friends with serious stature in the dream world. One of my contacts comes from a long line of shamans. Your dream visitors are what they call Spirit Animals. A woman of their tribe, who had a wolf as a spirit guide was held in high esteem. “

Cassie smiled at them. “I got the “pun” of going in circles, and heaven knows I have been doing a lot of that recently, with work and the kids in college. But a moose?” As a response to that question, Meghan said,” coffee and bagels on the patio and we will let you know what we found.”

Everyone grabbed their favorite chair and settled in to enjoy the view. Meghan’s home on the Cape Hatteras coastline was such a peaceful haven. “This would be such a wonderful place to have breakfast every day,” Cassie thought to herself. The sea was fairly calm and the sunlight sparkled on the water. As she sipped the last of her coffee, she caught sight of a line of pelicans skimming the surface looking for a meal. A glimmer of an idea was taking hold in her mind. An extended vacation was much needed and would get pushed to the top of her agenda, and soon. The clatter of coffee cups being set on the table brought her back to the present. She finished what was left of hers and added her cup to the group.

“We all divided different aspects of your dream, and damn girl, you gave us enough to research for a month!” began Annie. That being said, we will let Liza start with the first two major aspects of your dream.”

“Wolf dreams are the most common of dreams. The wolf is a power figure and something we tend to fear. Don’t be afraid of the wolf as it has much to teach you; leadership of your pack, assertiveness, and the ability to thrive under very difficult circumstances. That your dream visitor was a White Wolf is very good. He is the protector of strong bonds of loyalty and family. It should come as no surprise that you saw your grandfather’s spirit on the face of the wolf. You have often told me how he often was looking out for your family when you were younger. He is still doing that for you now. The green color you saw him wearing signifies restraint, but also denotes healing and positive changes. The diamonds are good omens; symbols of clarity. I think he is telling you to give yourself time; all will be well.”

“The moose is also a good sign. He represents a gentle soul in need of help and good fortune. You knew the moose needed to get into the house for protection. The house is a symbol of self. You know you need to be looking out for yourself. You said you got the “pun” of going in circles. Find the gentle side of yourself and nurture it, and good fortune will find you when you do. As for the hooded figure, that is the self that you have kept hidden from the world. The white wolf is leading that figure away from you. You do not need to hide yourself away anymore.”

Cassie was dumbfounded. “All this from one very weird dream,” she said?

“Amazing what our brains are capable of isn’t it,” laughed Liza.

Liza settled back in her chair and Annie leaned forward with her sheet of notes in hand.

“I was assigned the house and the porch. You described the house as a twin home, but only mentioned one part of the structure. The house is a symbol yourself and there is more than one side of you. The front porch represents how you want to show yourself to the world. That the color was dark blue indicates that is how you want the word to see you; kind, sensitive and a balanced type of person: which you most certainly happen to be, by the way. The hand written note heralds change and challenge. The change and challenge are tied up with the material to finish your porch.”

Not knowing how in the world to respond to any of that, Cassie turned her gaze to Meghan.

“There are a couple of symbols that should be explained and the colors really come into play here.” Meghan picked up her notes and began to decipher the final pieces of the dream puzzle. “Black is a symbol of excess or imbalance. The black tarp was covering the cylinder holding the material and removing it is a way of getting rid of those negative feelings. Just like the hooded woman, the cylinder is a symbol of caution in revealing your true self. The fabric inside is your complete makeup as a person. That the pattern was plaid is to show the mixture of all sides of you, the wild child, and the good girl, so to speak. It is time for you to start showing that person to the world. That is why you are supposed to finish decorating your porch with that material. The universe is telling you that it is okay to be you and a lot of good will come from it. Doesn’t hurt that it seems you have some serious ethereal mojo working for you too!”

Cassie laughed and said; “you would think my subconscious would just tell me that in plain English.”

“Yeah, but think of the fun we would have missed trying to solve this riddle,” said Meghan.

Annie stood up and announced that it was time to give the cosmos a break and they all needed to get down to the beach and stake out some sand before all of the good spots were gone. Annie and Meghan gathered up the coffee cups and dishes and headed to the kitchen. Liza fell into step with Cassie and told her, “We all have within us the ability to find what we need in life to get by. Your route just seems so much more entertaining.”

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