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The life of fire, is it truely alive?
The Element of Fire

Jumping with a single spark,
You start to come alive.

Your flames begin to bark,
Just trying to survive.

Flickering in the dark,
The light will arrive.

You follow your trademark,
Reaching up to the sky.

As the air starts blowing,
You become quite the fighter.

As you are growing,
You become even lighter.

The wind sends oxygen flowing,
And the flames grow even brighter.

Embers you are throwing,
They are rising ever higher.

All within your grasp you will consume,
Until all that's left is ash.

Bringing trees to certain doom,
flames swiftly upon the grass.

From you pours a vile plume,
Choking all along your path.

The skies begin to fill with gloom,
And soon you will come to pass.

As the clouds form with rain,
looking down upon the blemish.

The falling drops causing pain,
And now you feel the anguish.

No longer will you gain,
Your fate is to diminish.

Your enemy has snuffed your flame,
And now you are all but finished.

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