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Children's story concerning the misadventures of two cats in an abandoned castle.
Authors Note - There was a particular reason why I chose to use "Tail" instead of "tale" but you'll have to read on to find out why.

Curious Scally and the Geagle - Part one

Once long ago there lived two little kitties named Scally and Wag. They were brothers, their ages were separated by mere minutes really, but Scally always thought of Wag as his big brother and treated him with respect. Wag took advantage of Scally’s timid nature and made him do all the chores, whilst he sat around having his afternoon catnaps.

Scally and Wag lived in a large abandoned castle with towers taller than a giraffe on tippy-toe. Only the occasional passing raven or sparrow ever got to see the tops these towers. One such sparrow claimed it had seen a great treasure chest full of diamonds and jewels up there, whilst another reckoned there was a small town full of tiny people.

The two kitties had tried many times to see what, if anything was really on top. Their first attempt involved tying several ladders together, but they both lacked the strength to shift such a large item. After that, they tried climbing, jumping and even considered pushing the tower over with no success. Finally they gave up.

“Curiosity killed the cat,” claimed Wag, and Scally agreed just to keep the peace.

One day, as luck would have it, Scally was outside, doing is usual afternoon chores, when he heard a loud honking nose. He looked up and was surprised to see an eagle circling above him. This was very odd indeed because he had never heard an eagle honk before.

The eagle then gave a shrill cry and slowly descended, landing beside a large fountain not too far away from where Scally was working. It spread its wings which was quite a sight to see. Eagles have the longest wing span in the whole wide world.

“Honk-honk!” said the eagle.

“Excuse me Mister Eagle,” said Scally cautiously approaching.

“Honk-honk, yes?”

“I know I am only a cat and not very clued up about the ways of eagles, but I have never heard a bird such as you Honk. I thought only Goosy-goosy ganders honked.”

“Well, you see a few weeks back a few of my friends dared me to eat a goose, which I did. Unfortunately its voice box got stuck in my throat and I can’t seem to get it out again. Every now and then the odd “honk” comes out.”

“I see, you poor eagle.”

“Geagle…I like to call myself a Geagle, part Eagle part goose.”

Scally stared at the eagle for a short time without saying anything, trying to work out if this bird was telling the truth or just having a bit of fun with him. He wondered if eagles actually ate geese and why Wag, who was so knowledgeable about birds, had never mentioned it. Suddenly an idea came to mind.

“Please Mister Eagle…er Geagle, would you be able to do me a small favour?”

“Depends, my little furry friend…what kind of favour?”

“My big brother Wag and me have always wondered what was on top of that great big tower near the Western Wall.”

“Cream, a lake full of milk and cream as deep as deep can be.”

“Wow, sounds wonderful. Would you be so kind as to please fly us up there so we could taste some of it?”

“I don’t see why not…however my back has been playing up a bit lately and I could only take you and your brother one at a time.”

Grinning, the biggest grin he could manage, Scally started his way back toward the door that led into the main hall of the castle but came to an abrupt halt. Spite overwhelmed him and he thought twice about telling his brother about the favour. Wag would only insist on going up first. What if he returned and reported that there was nothing up there? If that happened Scally would surely miss out.

No, that didn’t seem fair at all. Scally felt he deserved it more. After all, he was the one that did all the hard work. He turned around and trotted back to the eagle, who was preparing himself for take-off.

“I wanna go first,” said Scally.

“Okay my friend, climb on board and hold tight, but not too tight. I am guessing those claws of yours are quite sharp.”

So up, up and away they went, circling the tower; rising higher than the tallest tree. Eventually the eagle reached the top and landed.

“Hey, I don’t see any cream!” grumbled Scally, feeling very disappointed.

“The lake is a little dry right now but it will refill itself in a few moments,” replied the eagle. “It flows out of a pipe in the wall every so often. Don’t ask me where it comes from.”

Scally climbed off the eagle’s back, made his way to the edge of the tower.

“Wow, I can see farther than I have ever seen before,” he said staring at the far reaching landscape below. “Oh, I can’t wait for the cream to start pouring out of the pipe.”

“Ha-ha-ha!” shrilled the Eagle “I tricked you! There is no cream up here at all!”

“Why would you do such a thing?”

“For fun! Oh, wait till I tell all my friends about this. See you round Kitty, I’m, off!”

“Off? But how am I going to get down?”

“Jump, they tell me that cats land on their feet…ha-ha-ha!”

Tears swelled in Scally’s eyes as the eagle took off and flew away, leaving him all alone on the top of the tower with no way of getting back down again. He stood mewing and crying his little heart out, but no one seemed willing to come to his rescue.

Oh dear, poor little kitty, what is to become of him?

Be sure to read the next exciting instalment of

“Curious Scally and the Geagle”

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