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by Twiga
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What will happen when you enter the Haunted Castle?
Johnny was caught in the rain one day, the Young Man ran covering his head he had to get out of the freezing rain!
That's when Johnny found the Old Castle! If Johnny knew what this Castle was, he probably would have continued his search for shelter elsewhere, but since he didn't know, he placed his hand on the doorknob, turned it and entered.

Inside the castle was dark, hardly any light at all, as Johnny felt around he felt his hand touch a bookcase, he pulled on a certain book, and the bookcase swung around, and Johnny found himself in a secret chamber, lit by candles and before him was a table spread with all kinds of delicious foods!

The table was spread with succulent meats, sweets and goblets of multi-colored drinks.

Johnny felt his mouth watering he knew the food probobly belonged to someone else, However his stomach rumbled loudly and the scrawny youth felt he needed to eat something before he fainted.

Johnny plucked a few muscat grapes and ate them, And then he heard a whooping cackle and in a sulperous puff a Witch appeared!

"You come to eat my feast do you?" Asked the Witch

"Oh no Ma'am!" Johnny exclaimed "I didn't know the food was your's! I only wanted a bit...I was so hungry!"

"You eat a Witch's food you shall become a Witch's Servant!" The Witch took her wand and waved it around

"You shall become a Beast or Bird or Fish or Insect..." Said the Witch as she zapped Johnny with the Wand

Johnny immediately felt changes began to feel itchy all over his arms started to crow big black feathers and a big black beak sprouted from his face.

"Since you took my Grapes..." Said the Witch "...You shall be a Crow!"

"Caw! Caw!" Johnny found himself croaking as he started to shrink to Crow Size.

When he found himself transformed completely into a Crow, The Witched picked him up and shoved him into a Bird Cage

"There Birdy." She said as she placed some dried corn in his dish "You stay there until I can think of how you may best serve me..."
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