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Truths that truly shine...
         Dragons as written about in many legends in books, surround them selves with gems, beautiful shiny stones, crystals and anything of the natural Mother Earth, or the Earth Mother. I wonder if at night they also love to see the stars twinkling in the night sky? We are all, a beautiful shiny, twinkling star, even they are, within. They say, after all, dragons have, inner fire. Imagine the size of it then since they are so vast in size in comparison to a human being...

         Imagine how beautiful a dragons scales would look in a shimmering full moons light at night, or when the sun is shining outside on a sunny summers day? Perhaps dragons love seeing gems, jewelry, crystals, etc. because in a way, they're loving, admiring and are loving their own, inner beauty, or the shininess of the way their scales look in any form of light. Why not love, honor and admire your self? It's a good thing to do, why hate your self? It's also good to feel the same way about others too though, it can help make not only one self shine more, but can do the same for those we love, honor and admire before us also.

         Wouldn't you rather see the stars and the moon shine at night? I would! By seeing the good qualities each of us have within our self, and recognizing and helping others be aware of it around us, just like the stars and the moon that shine at night, we become like that too. Why not at least do this for the ones we say we love and respect, such as family, neighbors and friends? A kind word, a smile and an ounce of respect and consideration can truly lighten up another individuals entire day for them! I stopped when I had seen a beautiful four year old girl and her Mother that were about to cross a sidewalk near me during school hours before it started for the day. The cross guard wasn't close by, and I stopped before he seen they and I were there. He was the most happy man I've ever seen lately! He gave me a giant smile, lit up and gave me a thumbs up sign. He done his job with great pride and happiness. I made him feel truly loved and respected. It made me feel so good and happy to not only see him so happy, but it made me feel happy too knowing I made his day, and gave him a few of the most valuable "true" gems of all, three diamonds. One, a pink diamond, love. Two, a green diamond of compassion. And three, a white diamond of respect. The three best gifts any dragon, any individual could ever be given.

*What gems do you value the most? I value, the dragon, him or her self. They are, the true diamond, star, gem of knowledge, wisdom and other good qualities they know of, value and hold most dear to their heart.
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