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Tomb Rader Action Hero
She's also an ambassador ..
All I know about celebrities is gossip.
The National Enquirer says she's dying
and Brad Pit wants a divorce.
This is Donald Trump's newspaper.

Assuming this is all true, Angeline Jolie is
Okay, let's talk about the politics of a
superstar supernova.
Mrs. Jolie is a spokesperson for poor people
outside of the U.S.A.
She has helped to funnel millions of U.S.
federal funding to the third world ...

Where does this money come from?
The American taxpayer pays the majority
of federal foreign assistance.
How much has Angeline paid?
That's a secret, like Donald Trump's income
The national deficit is 19 trillion dollars ..
How can we spend more money?

Recently, I was in shock and awe at the
Kittery Pine Tree store.
A young lady was walking around the
the store in a wetsuit ..
I immediately, pictured Angeline Jolie in
her Tomb Rader gray wet suit.
So, I asked the young lady who she
would be voting for?

"Vote for?" she replied agog
and walked away.
I guess looking cute doesn't necessarily
make you a spokesperson ..
Angeline Jolie is unique in that respect.
But, she is naive in her foreign policy.
The United States cannot police the world
or rebuild nations.

We the people of America are screwed.

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