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The tragic story of Qura, the royal bodyguard of the Woman King, Solaris.

In a palace corridor HOOD, a handsome young man with brown hair and green eyes wearing Medieval clothes, dressed like an outlaw, approaches QURA, a young woman with black hair and brown eyes dressed in Medieval royal bodyguard clothes bearing the royal insignia of SOLARIS, the famous Woman King.

HOOD: I know your mind is restless. Please... tell me what troubles you. (SILENCE) I know you carry a heavy burden. Your eyes guard a secret too painful to bear alone, a truth too dangerous to utter and yet too destructive to conceal. So please... tell me what plagues your mind that you might be given some peace.

QURA: I do not know what you-

HOOD: Don't think I am a fool. Your eyes betray what you deny with your words. I know of the pain you bear alone, in silence, in secrecy. I know a broken heart filled with desperate longing, when I see it.


QURA: My duties must come before my desires and that is how it has always been and that is how it shall remain.


HOOD: I understand now. You have always loved your master but as you are simply your master's right hand there can never be anything more between you. (PAUSE) You must hate me beyond all imagining. It grieves me to know that you are plagued by such love that you can never receive, but another has been given that very love which you crave.

QURA: Understand this. I bear you no ill will. What's done is done and there is no changing what has happened. The feelings of my master are something that neither you nor I can predict nor control. She chose you and I must accept that. I am her right hand, always and forever. I do not regret the life I have lived for it brought me to her and to regret my life would be to regret my love and I could never betray her like that. (BEAT) It was you whom she chose. I saw the ardent love she bore for you as she gazed into your eyes long before you had joined together in holy union. She had given you her heart and I saw the love I yearned for given to another before my eyes. I cannot deny the torture I have endured since that very moment. Yet I linger on in this agony. Duty before one's own life and longing. She taught me that. (BEAT) If she were to choose to love a man I am grateful that it should be you. I only ask one thing of you. Love her as I cannot. Protect her at all cost. Speak only the truth to her and never betray her trust. I would lay down my life for her. (PAUSE) Can I trust you to do the same should the need arise...? Can I?!


HOOD: You truly are a marvel that I cannot ever hope to aspire to. Your love, your dedication, your loyalty... I do not think I could ever be capable of such greatness.


In a courtyard in the city QURA stands before the people in a stockade wearing a Medieval royal gown, disguised to resemble SOLARIS surrounded by soldiers wearing Medieval armour and court officials in Medieval dress. HOOD stands in the crowd with the people, watching QURA deliver a speech to the people. The crowd responds to QURA's speech with angry shouts, sad cries and shocked gasps.

QURA: Although you never truly desired my leadership you have always been my people. I was born into this kingdom as one of you. Just as you loved the king before me I, too, lived in service of him and his people. It is because of my love for my people that I was appointed your ruler. I would never abandon you. I would never do anything to harm you. Our king saw this and that is why I am here before you. You call me usurper. Villain. Trickster. Have I ever wronged you in all my days as your king? If I am guilty of any such thing than I will pay the price here and now. (BEAT) I stand here before you because I was given a choice... There comes but one time in every life when one can make the necessary sacrifice for the ones they love. If I should die then you will not come to any harm. (PAUSE) All I have ever done was in the service of you, my people. If nothing else comes of my life then let me die as my final act of service to you. Let me die so that you may live. I beg of you, if you trust me at all as your ruler, here to serve and protect you, then you will kill me as I stand before you now.


QURA and HOOD share a significant look. They nod to each other to signal for HOOD to commence stoning QURA. The crowd watches him begin to stone her before slowly joining in and stoning QURA to death.

QURA: (To herself as she is being stoned) Is this enough, my love? Ask and it shall be given to you... Always...

QURA dies.

HOOD: (To himself as QURA lies dead) Rest assured she will know of your sacrifice. I owe you nothing less. Your unending love will live on through me. You will not be betrayed, I promise you.

HOOD clenches his fist as he tries not to cry.
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