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This is a children's story I wrote about an adventure of a wolf pup and his friend.
Black Wolf, and the Gentle Giant

As the sun rose above the trees, Black Wolf could think of nothing else but playing with his best friend Corn Fed Jim. All night he drempt of playing with him they had so much fun together.

Black wolf went to the Gentle Giant and asked if he could play with his favorite friend today but the Gentle Giant said Black Wolf must stay in today. The weather was going to be bad and he had to go out of the house for a while to pick apples. He only thought of Black Wolfs safety and asked him to stay home. The Gentle Giant grabbed his basket and went out the door.

After he had left, Black Wolf was bored sitting by himself. He was a pup with his black fuzzy fur who liked to run around and play. He couldn't stop thinking about the fun times he had playing with Corn Fed Jim. He was Black Wolf's best friend and corn fed Jim was alot bigger than the pup but was only a calf. In the meadows, rolling around they usually played for hours. They made mud pies and then threw them at each other. He missed Corn Fed Jim, and he was sad.

Black Wolf wanted to play with his friend so badly he ignored the Gentle Giant and got up the nerve to look outside.

"It doesn't look rainy to me!" Said Black Wolf with a curious look.

Black Wolf went against the wishes of the Gentle Giant and went out to find his friend. Corn Fed Jim was in the field at their favorite place. They had built a fort out of sticks and they spent many hours playing there.

Black wolf ran across the grassy field until he found Corn Fed Jim.
They raced each other around the field as the sun disappeared behind the greyish haze. After a while the clouds started to turn black and funny noises started coming from sky. Black Wolf and Corn Fed Jim thought it was neat and stood there looking at it. They didn't understand the danger. They had never seen a storm before.

The door opens to the house as the Gentle Giant walks in. Setting his basket of apples down on the table the Giant looks around. He knew Black Wolf loved apples and picked him one special. Calling out for him the Giant started to get worried when he didn't answer. Where was his little friend Black Wolf. Looking under table and in his bed, he could not find him. Where had he gone?

The rain started to pour down while lightning and thunder flashed over their heads. Black Wolf and Corn Fed Jim shuttered and ran to the fort they made out of sticks in the field. The rain ran through the cracks and they were getting wet. Finally with a clap of thunder and a blowing wind the fort fell down upon them and they were trapped.

The Gentle Giant came outside looking about and calling Black Wolfs name but there was still no answer. The Giant was worried, Was Black Wolf all right? Was he hurt? All these questions entered the Gentle Giants mind as he searched for his little buddy. Where can he be?

"I hope my little friend is ok." said the Gentle Giant.

Finally he remembered the time Black Wolf told him that they made a play fort in the bushes at the grassy field. The Gentle Giant wandered off to see if he was there.

Black wolf and Corn Fed Jim laid under the pile of sticks, branches, mud and grass. The storm was gone and Black Wolf realized he should have listened to the Gentle Giant. He should have stayed home. Black Wolf and Corn Fed Jim might not be in this mess they were in if he had listened.

"Are you ok?" Asked Corn Fed Jim as he struggled to move.

"I'm ok but I can't move." barked Black Wolf

Before long the Gentle Giant had found them. Ripping and clawing at the pile of sticks he finally reached Black Wolf and Corn fed Jim. Looking at them and seeing only a few scrapes and bruises, He was glad they were ok. What would he do without them, his two best little friends.

After everything they had been through, Black Wolf and Corn Fed Jim awoke inside the Gentle Giants house. They could smell the sweetness of apples and cinnamon. There he had made them fresh apple cider to warm them up. The Gentle Giant knew Black Wolf didn't really know what he had done wrong, and wanted to make him and his friend feel better.

After the Gentle Giant had taken Corn Fed Jim back home, he came back and Black Wolf was scared. He knew he had done something wrong. Was the Giant angry with him?

He came in and sat down with Black Wolf and put is arm around him. He told him that everyone makes mistakes once in a while and it's ok. He told him he was only trying to keep him safe. Black Wolf swore never to disobey him again. Black Wolf and the Gentle Giant fell asleep by the fire and slept the night away.

Black Wolf awoke to the sounds of sawing wood and the hammering of nails. He looked out the window and to his surprise the Gentle Giant had built a new fort over by the apple tree for him and his friend to play in. It was sturdy and wouldn't fall down on him and his friends. Black Wolf was very happy and ran up and licked the Giants face.

The Gentle giant was glad to do this so that Black Wolf had a place to play, even if it rained. Nothing would knock it down, and the Giant hugged Black Wolf and told him he could go get his friend to play.

Upon their return. He gave Black Wolf and Corn Fed Jim an apple. Black Wolf and his friend played as the Gentle Giant looked on, till the sun went down behind the trees once again.

The end
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