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A list of things I have learned while growing up
1. Feeling good on the inside is just as important as feeling good on the outside. Don’t just push for one; balance yourself.

2. Don’t attempt to achieve what society perceives as perfection. It doesn’t exist, and yet millions of women try. Your body was made for this world and it is beautiful.

3. Drink water religiously. You will be so thankful when your skin is glowing, your urine is clear, and you’re happy!

4. Eating healthy is such a good habit to get into before you're twenty.

5. It’s okay to feel alone with your insecurities, but just know that this isn't just you, or that it isn't just in your head. Everyone has felt this way, and millions are feeling it now.

6. When the time comes to thinking about your future, really think. There's not just a couple of options even if that's what society has convinced us. The world is your oyster darling.

7. Girls be nice to girls! Don’t hate each other because of stupid arguments and silly boys. Don’t regret hurting someone.

8. Speak your mind! Don’t be afraid!

9. It never hurts and it is never too late to apologize. Even if you didn’t do anything. It’s better to make peace than be bitter and cold.

10. The future is so unpredictable and that's okay. Don't stress about it. You have your whole life to figure things out.

11. Get that tattoo! Dye your hair bright pink! Live to live! If you regret it later than you did just right. What is life without a couple of mistakes and regrets.

12. Spend time laying on the earth and feeling her between your toes. Look at the stars, speak to the moon! Nature is the best medicine.

13. Living comfortably isn't necessarily happy. Push to stay true to you and, and push for joy!

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