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Why I love the movie Purple Rain.
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I love the movie "Purple Rain." This is the first time I saw Prince. I thought he was just wonderful. I loved his singing. His dressing styles were cool and he danced around. I thought: who is this man? He was so cute riding his motorcycle.

Apollonia. I thought she and Prince were perfect together and I heard they were a couple for awhile in real life. Morris Day and the Time. Morris was a pain but I liked him. He did make me laugh. I loved when Prince hit him with his motorcycle. Morris wasn't hurt. He was just mad. The Kid was jealous. He slapped Apollonia but he was sorry. He watched his father slap his mother all the time and thought that's what men did. He realized that was who he didn't want to be.

I loved the mime Marde Gras doll faces the kid had in his room. They are so neat.

The Kid wanted to write all the songs for the band and didn't want Wendy and Lisa's song. After his father shot himself, he went through his father's music, listened to Wendy and Lisa's song and decided to use it. Where they surprised? Yes. I like when Prince kisses Wendy's cheek when he was singing "Purple Rain." I cried as soon as he sang "Purple Rain" and I still do. When it rains and I am in a down mood, I think of "Purple Rain." My mother likes this song and she thought Prince was cute. She is not a fan of Rock music.

I liked the part when Morris and Jerome put on their sunglasses and looked at each other funny. You had to laugh at this. Jerome threw the woman in the trash bin. I would have been mad if that was me. When Morris asked the kid, "How's the family?" and he and his band members laughed. That was mean but he looked serious and acted like he was sorry afterwards. He should be. The kid and his band sang better then Morris' band. The manager told the kid that no one liked his music except him. I did. I didn't care for the song "Nikki" but I love all the other songs Prince sang in the movie I loved.

I liked that Clarence Williams played the kid's father. I liked Clarence when he played on "The Mod Squad."

I love the scenery in the movie. It was filmed in Minnesota. I get a kick out of the scene where Apollonia jumps in the lake and in real life, she got so cold and Prince begged her not to die. She laughed and said that she would be alright.

This movie introduced us to Prince's singing. I hadn't watched the movie in awhile but since he is gone, I watched it. I bought 2 magazines and I love seeing all the pictures of him and learning more about him.

My father-in-law had cable and he let me watch the movie at his house a few times. He said Prince sure is flashy. My husband and I got cable, I watched it all the time. I have the movie on VHS and DVD.

Purple seemed to be Prince's favorite color and so is mine. I find "Purple Rain" entertaining. It has a good romance and there is no doubt Prince was talented. I will be watching this movie a lot. Rest in peace, Prince. Your fans love you and always will. I cried when I heard you had died. I am not the only one. I wear purple for you. I play your music a lot. I loved you.

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I can't have too many images of Prince.
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