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A Children's Poem about how farm animals play
Playing at the Farm

Pork Chop and Bacon Bits
are two pigs on a farm;
they are watered and fed,
never in the way of harm.

Cocky Doo and Doodle Doo
are big roosters so fine;
they proudly strut and crow,
helping keep the time.

Milky and Cheesy
are the sweetest cows;
Cheesy is mother to twin calves
named Plough and Not Now.

Pork Chop is playing in mud,
and along come the twins,
Milky calls to Plough and Not Now,
“Don’t get dirty”, she says with a grin.

Cocky Doo is busy, scratching the ground,
when Penny, the hen, asks him to play,
Doddle Doo is jealous and comes strutting,
telling Penny to leave and stay out of the way.

Not Now moos in a bovine protest
telling Doodle Doo to be sweet and nice,
but Doodle Doo is still annoyed,
telling Penny to play with the mice.

Scruffy Muffy, the farm cat, arches his back,
as he thinks, “The mice belong to me.”;
he sticks out his paw, tripping the hen,
so Penny pecks Scruffy Muffy with glee.

Bacon Bits is becoming annoyed,
saying he has an announcement to make,
“Stop acting like silly city animals!
Farm animals have manners, for goodness sake!”

Being sorry, they now play in harmony
until brightest day turns into darkest night;
tucked in, they are soon fast asleep,
dreaming about playing at dawn's first light.
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