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Sea story about a hurricane. Still needs some editing.
The Invisible Hurricane
By Darrell Wright

The Captain saw the message that read all ships seek sheltered water or harbor; but, he was a salty old captain as he commanded with supreme authority, "All ahead full."
The seas were choppy at first as we left the channel enroot towards America. The rusty hull shows the work the freighter done the many years prior. Our cargo hold full. The hard wind swept over us and gave an uneasy feeling.
I looked out over the bridge thru a porthole and saw as we went further the swells were getting larger and larger. I had a knot in my stomach and did not know why.
Over the day the swells were higher and higher. They were starting to get to a dangerous level. The seaman was saying they had to tie themselves to the bunks to get any sleep.
I found myself going to the bridge often to see what was going on. It was a bumpy ride. The galley was closed there was not hot food available. The ships personnel were becoming weak.
I went to the bridge a spoke to the third mate. He said, "Looks like we ran into that hurricane they predicted."
It was black as night in the day. "The captain had brought this on us," I herd the third mate say.
Dark black wave were churching us on all sides. It seems it would last forever.
Suddenly there was light. "Thank God in Heaven" I thought.
The storm is breaking up I see light.
My hopes were quickly dashed as the third mate cried out, "Were in the eye."
I looked around at the biggest darkest wall of black clouds I had ever seen.
Then the anchor broke loose. It gave a loud chime from bow to aft.
The seaman screamed out, "Nothing we can do now."
I went outside on the bridge wing and shut the water tight door behind. I looked up and raised my head up as if calling to God. My clothes were straight my hair did not move there was not a drop of wind. The sun shone bright on my face. I then looked down and saw the black clouds around me.
It was like a black hooded devil staring at me. The devil was saying "Fear me."
Slowly the clouds came to engulf us. We knew the suffering we would endure as the wind of the hurricane grabbed us. Our hearts stood ready for the coming collision.
I went into the bridge shutting the water tight door behind as the black hooded devil engulfed us. It grabbed quickly and threw us back and forth. No-one was able to hear from the loud howling of the wind the screaming of the waves crashing onto the deck.
The captain screaming at the top of his lungs "full right rudder, full left rudder," was a whisper hardly audible over the crashing of the waves and the howling of the wind.
"Going over," I thought.
I looked out the porthole from the bridge and saw something strange. It was a hand. A giant hand and it tilted us upright.
I then looked at the other mates and they seemed petrified in there given positions. Not noticing the hand. Fear had taken over and they had not recovered.
But that hand tilted us upright.
For three days and nights that storm carried us all the time that anchor "bonging" ringing from bow to aft likes a bell with no chime.
We made it back to our homeport thru the locks to Chicago. "My kinda town."
I walked from the ship and stumbled, I could not walk.
Down the street I went stumbling as I walked. The people watched me and said look at him he is drunk. Why do they like people like that onto the street? They did not know that I had been thru the darkness and blackness and come back again. They did not know. I never told a soul. No, I never told a soul.

The End

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