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Mexican Standoff
390 Words

At this moment, Paca was not free. She stared across at Alejandro; bound. How did they get here?

Strong since a child, Paca fought for freedom from the time she was a little girl. The first taste of the life she wanted, her university days. Every experience unique; life was so different on the farm. She met Alejandro during the first semester. She did not think he knew it, but she chose him on that first day. She encouraged his efforts to gain her affections while she studied.


Alejandro looked around; Paca! Thick ropes were holding her against a weathered fence post. They wrapped around her hands and feet like coiled snakes. Himself bound, Alejandro could not reach out to her. Paca's eyes were stretched wide, her face red, nostrils flaring with each effort against her bonds. "Paca!" no response "Paca!". That noise; she could not hear him. He surveyed the area. There were farming tools strewn about the dirt floor. At least he thought they were farming tools; he was a city boy.

He lived a middle-class life since his parents moved to Guadalajara. He met Paca when she was attending the Architectural University. She came to school from farming country. Smitten at first sight, his campaign to win her heart was a marathon. Alejandro had outmaneuvered the other suitors to win her heart, for four years. Inseparable ever since; an engagement ring was in his pocket…


The sharp edges of the scythes and the hoes caught Paca's eye. Why so many? All she could think was, when released, they would be expected to fight each other. Paca doubled her effort to loosen her bonds.

A door to the right opened and a crowd, the source of the noise, filed in. Each person picked up a tool and circled the arena. Paca saw this only once long ago. Something serious was happening. They would ensure there would be no escape. She saw papa... and mama. Why? Mama stood before her and gently released her bonds. She saw papa do the same for Alejandro.

The crowd started to press in against them. Alejandro and Paca were forced to the middle of the arena. She saw Alejandro’s Mama and Papa. Their parents approached with another man. He stepped forward, Paca felt an air of authority.

“Dearly Beloved…”

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